Wine Catch-Up: January 2018 (Llamas Always Included!)

Let’s call this a wine catch-up, shall we? I’m drinking my fave, La Crema Chardonnay, what about you?

If I’m being honest, this week was incredibly tough. I did Christmas with my dad last week, and while I was grateful for him, and gifts, and life, it was so painful doing this after having been through the holiday season. It was so painful to not have my mom there. Then, I had a conversation with a friend about some mom stuff she was going through. I really thought I was as at peace with my mom dying as I could have been when I lost her; this chat brought up a lot of the stuff I wish I’d worked on more in my relationship with her. (Nothing major, honestly/thankfully, just ways that I wish I had handled my end better. That low kind of compounded some of the struggles I’m having as I make my way down my new career path and am just feeling very uncertain about life in general.

Erica Sara Necklace

After every marathon, my mom bought me a marathon necklace from Erica Sara. At the time, they were special because they were a physical commemoration of an accomplishment. Now, those six necklaces my mom bought me are treasured memories of her watching on the sidelines as my #1 cheerleader, and special memories. She and Erica used to talk every holiday season about just how my necklace would be personalized that year. My dad buying me this necklace (I mean, he’s a man, I sent him the link ;)) feels like a special connection with my mom. And because Erica is The Best, she wrote the most amazing personal note that she enclosed with the necklace. I started sobbing as soon as I read it. I’m constantly amazed and surprised by how deeply caring people can be.

My dad also listened well and bought me this Lilly llama top, which makes me just as happy as you’d imagine. 

Passion Pit

On a happier note…the next night, I went to see Passion Pit! And…got in for free. It was a last minute decision and I was going to buy a ticket from a scalper (the show was sold out), and when I came back from the ATM, I heard him trying to buy a ticket from someone else to sell to me. Thankfully, an amazing security guard overheard the whole exchange and just waved me in with my friend. HELL YES!

I’m not going to pretend this post isn’t all over the place.

I also found The Best Bra Ever, ladies. Journelle is having a huge sale, and I went on a friend’s recommendation. This bra is comfortable, but more importantly, it is SO. FLATTERING. I feel like I look like I lost 10 pounds the second I put it on. It just kind of sucks everything up and out. I’ll say that the sizing is super weird; I am usually ~36D, and I took a 36DDD in this one. 

J. Crew Sequin Scottie T-Shirt

The same day I discovered The Most Amazing Bra, I also got this shirt.

Like I said, I was having a TOUGHHHH week emotionally, but! I recorded an episode of Ali’s podcast. Unsurprisingly, I talk a lot about grief (and also how running helped it.) I also talked about my not-at-all linear career path, and basically we were sarcastic asses for an hour and a half or so. It was so. much. fun! I hope you listening think so too 🙂 (It will be out next week-ish.)

IMG 8831

I think I mentioned I’m working with Uplift on their social media. (So please go follow @upliftstudios on all platforms THANKS!) We had a photo shoot today to get some ~content~ for social and marketing purposes, and I got a snazzy headshot. And, um, a butt shot.

(Pants | tank | sports bra | sneaks)

Just as a heads-up, since I linked to Victoria’s Secret there — they are doing the $55 for sports bra + pants again! That’s an amazing deal. (I posted about that a few years ago.)

NYJL Wellness Day

And tomorrow, two of my fave things in one: Junior League + wellness.

If only my tummy would behave…it’s been acting up again and basically hasn’t been right since I got back from my trip. I’m trying to eat clean and take my probiotics again before I see a doc…but this is not the way I wanted to lose weight :( 

A few more random asides…

1. I’m running the NYC Half to raise money for ovarian cancer support and research and need your help! Any help appreciated.

2. My baby cousin is selling Girl Scout Cookies if you are so inclined to order…

3. There is an amazing post on the Uplift blog about post-partum fitness and being really and truly gentle with yourself. As someone who’s obviously never had a kid, I still thought it was a beautiful read. 

What have you been up to/loving/what are you doing this weekend?

8 comments on “Wine Catch-Up: January 2018 (Llamas Always Included!)

  1. Mindy

    I got hit with a nasty case of influenza late last week that basically left me down for almost a week – so, this weekend is really about getting my life back together. Lysol-ing the shit out of my apartment, lots of writing, a little yoga, but also trying to not overdo it and get sick again.

  2. katie

    I started a whole 30-ish type challenge with my gym. Its hell, I have a headache and I just want a diet coke or a glass of wine. but, i have noticed less bloat, so i suppose it isn’t the worst thing. And, thats awesome that your dad followed the list, my dad is a straight cash in the card type of guy.

  3. Katie B

    High five for making it through another week! I’m excited to listen to your conversation with Ali–I listen to her podcasts while running, and they make me be that strange person randomly laughing or grinning to myself 🙂

  4. Dad

    Your relationship with mom was great. You and her were as close friends as is possible between a mother and a daughter. Don’t ever worry that you could have been a better daughter. Your were and are the best!

  5. Helen Thomas

    New here! 🙂 So inspirational that you lost 50 pounds.
    I read a book called Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight and i read some information about it a which was quite nice 🙂 Hope you all can use it

    Glad to keep reading your posts 🙂


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