Riker Danzig Newport 10K This Weekend!

Hi friends! Just popping in here with a super short post for anyone in the NYC area.

Newport Liberty Half Marathon

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of the Newport races in Jersey City. They’re a manageable size without feeling overwhelming, and the views of the city skyline are gorgeous from the other side of the river. The race is really well organized, save for the annoying bag check before you enter the start area thing.

The races are also really affordable for NYC area races — the 10K is $33; the 10K + half combo is only 77, far less than some halfs alone in the area.

If you’re on the west side of NYC like I am, it’s also so easy to get to — the PATH ride takes less than 20 minutes — BUT you need to be careful to time your trip right, since it obviously runs less frequently on the weekends.

After my great race last weekend and a super inspiring conversation with a potential client turned actual client/friend, I also want to just run all the races now. (Full disclosure: I was comped the entry in exchange for promoting the race, but I’ve run this race since long before I started working with the race organizers!)

Are you running it? What’s your fave NYC-area smaller race?

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