Stepping Into My Strength

In case I haven’t mentioned, I really like to journal. I journal the SHIT out of life. And honestly, I find it every bit as helpful as therapy. Both are similar in just open-ended time to talk/write through your problems.

I often come to really strong messages in my journaling that I take as something to work on until I arrive on my next mission from myself.

Earlier this week, I told myself: Step Into Your Strength.

I’m largely on the other side of most of the shit of the past year. I am alive when that seemed to be unsure several months ago. Not only am I alive, but I am fucking thriving. I’m working for myself, just as I wanted to be. I am learning SO much about myself, about the way I interact with the world, about the world in general. I will forever carry this baggage with me, but it no longer defines me.

I have long been insecure and unsure, but I’m learning to move past that and stop letting it hold me back. To stop giving so many fucks about anything other than those who care for me most.

I had coffee the other night with the amazing Liv fromBox + Flow. I told her how her studio, her workout were such a big part of that story of my last conversation with my mom. Of how much I craved that yin and yang.

“What do you really see yourself doing?” She asked me. I hemmed and hawed and stuttered and stammered “writing and run coaching.”

Her question rattled around in my head that night as I waited for sleep to come. What DO I want to do?

I want to help people, and I want to succeed. But at the core: I want to give people the information they need to make their lives better, whether through writing or coaching

At Write Doe Bay, we talked about making life happen rather than letting life happen.

I woke up the next day and made a list of my dream sites to be published on, and I wrote several thousand words for my book.

And then I designed a half marathon training program. I almost started throwing in a bunch of qualifiers here, but no: if you want to run your first half or improve your speed, I’m your girl.

With 30 half’s, 7 fills, years of coaching experience + years of writing about running, I know what’s up. More importantly I’ve been where you are and understand your struggles, and therefore, what you need to succeed.

I’m still finalizing the program, but the gist is that it will be a 12-week program culminating in a fall half (Newport Half, if you’re local.) You’ll get a plan, unlimited email support, monthly group runs if you’re in the nyc area, weekly emails with tips on nutrition, gear and more, and, oh yeah, swag. Email me at for more info.

What power have you been afraid to step into? What would happen if you tried and SUCCEEDED?

3 comments on “Stepping Into My Strength

  1. Mindy

    So fucking proud of you, my friend. Not just for this run coaching program, but for the growth and healing you’ve experienced during the last year. You inspire me!

  2. Anne

    I love this!
    And especially this –> “At Write Doe Bay, we talked about making life happen rather than letting life happen.”

    Wow. What a simple yet profound statement. I think I’m ready to make life happen.


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