What a Difference a Year Makes

I’ve been writing daily about my ketamine process for friends and family so that I can track its efficacy and have detailed notes for when I write about it for other outlets—and it’s made me miss blogging! Old-school blogging about the smaller stuff in life. You may see more posts like this around here. Or not. Not sure!

I’ve written about how much I adore Maya, who was one of my yoga teacher training teachers. This morning, I took her Level 1-2 class. I woke up feeling like ass—with my period, a stuffy nose and a migraine. COOL. But I wanted to get some movement in, so an easier yoga class was perfect.

I inhaled espresso before leaving my apartment, and I was too caffeinated and jittery to really be present in class. So my mind wandered to being excited to catch up with Maya after class.

I had a sense of déjà vu as I remembered our chats after class from this time last year. Maya is a wise, wise lady, and she also moved here from NYC. So many of our chats around this time last year were me telling her that I just couldn’t decide whether to move here or not, and how would I know what the right decision was? The truth is, I think I was waiting for some magic bullet. I thought I wanted to stay in NYC, but I just wasn’t ready to leave.

One year later, I’m so sure that this is the right place for me right now.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you might not know that I GOT A NEW DOG!!! Her name is Lucy, she’s a rescue shih tzu, and I am in love. We went to the Santa Monica dog parade today, and she dressed up as an ewok, the perfect shih tzu costume.

I walked on the beach with one of my new friends. We met from a meetup from a Facebook group, and we were the only ones who showed up! Which was fine, because we were able to share some really deep stuff with each other that we had in common that we might not have otherwise shared. (I’m more of a 1:1 person anyway than a group hang person, in my old age.)

We always take really long walks when we meet up, and we walked, with Lucy, probably about four miles total.

It was a really grounding day that made me feel at home here. Nothing special, just a really nice ordinary day—and I’m so grateful to be able to appreciate those again.

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