My Funny Valentine

Yeah, just another year with a dog as my valentine. (Though she’s a pretty damn good one, I must say.)

Because everything seems to hit differently in a pandemic, it’s hitting me extra hard today that I’m single…still.

I like to *say* I’m not one to regret things, but I’ve certainly recently uncovered some things in therapy that have me feeling like I wish I’d done things differently, and then maybe I wouldn’t be single at 38. (Or maybe I would? Who knows.) But, I can’t change the past, I can only change things going forward.

(Also there’s that whole pandemic thing making dating hard.)

This whole thread is good, but even as alone as I feel on my couch right now, wishing I were sharing a nice dinner with a nice man…I can also hold the fact that I *do* have so much love in my life. Just not in the romantic way.

I turned 38 on Thursday (wtf is time??), and I didn’t even have just a “good for pandemic birthday.” I had a good birthday, full stop.

A rare portrait of the artist looking calm and content. I’m not going to lie—I really like this pic. It feels like a good depiction of where I am right now.

I don’t love the idea of outdoor dining right now—for my safety AND the workers’ safety (who would likely be impacted far more than me)—BUT I knew I could go to Shutters for a fancy breakfast at 8am on a Thursday and there not be anyone around. (And obviously I wore a mask when they were at the table.) I love a good fancy hotel breakfast, and this previously simple thing brought me immense joy. It also reminded me of when I traveled with my mom. Of course, I was missing her on my birthday, but when I woke up, the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier said Mom?! And then there was a bird on that other chair?! Carol was never very subtle.

I had a pretty low-key day of class and trainings, but then a lovely evening. First: Kayla taught a private folkmore/evermore (yes, I am obsessed with Taylor Swift now) yoga class for me. I had really hoped I might get away with not having a pandemic birthday, but it looks like none of us will get away with that. (Except maybe Leap Day birthdays??) I would have preferred to hug people, but doing Taylor Swift yoga on a screen was as good a consolation prize as I was going to get, and not a bad one.

And then my dear friend/California family/pod upstairs, Kate, had me over for dinner and had these cute balloons up when I got there.

Between that, all the messages, sweets and flowers I got, I am feeling very loved and holding on to that right now—and the fact that I’d also like some romantic love, too.

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  1. Anne

    Happy belated birthday! I’m so glad that you were able to celebrate by yourself, and with friends. I’m loving the perspective that comes with getting older… although I admit I do still feel like I am 25 on the inside. (Trust me, I am NOT 25 on the outside!) Here’s to another year of growth and evolution.


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