While I think a diet of whole foods is the best way to stay healthy, there’s definitely some products that help me stay healthy, some products that help me blog, and some products I just like. Here are links to some of them.

[Disclosure: These are Amazon affiliate links, so I do make a little bit of money if you click through and buy on Amazon.]

Sunflower Butter: I’m allergic to peanuts, so this was the first “nut” butter I discovered. I now eat almond butter, too, but I’llalways be partial to sunflower butter.

Foam Roller: I can’t imagine running without having one of these to come home to. It’s like giving yourself a sports massage!

The Stick: This is like the foam roller’s rougher-around-the-edges little brother. It’s great for travel, but is also good at home for getting even deeper into muscles than a foam roller can.

Operation Beautiful: My blog buddy Caitlin wrote this, and I love the message of it.

My Camera: My D-SLR, or, as I call it, my fancy-pants camera.

Macro Lens: Also known as a close-up lens.

FujiFilm F72EXR: My point-and-shoot, the camera I take most of my daily pictures with.

Core Fusion Yoga: I like yoga best in my living room, and this is my favorite DVD for it. I like that I can choose to do all five segments, or just focus on 1-2 segments (usually the sun salutations and hip openers!)

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