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Just a Day at the Beach

The days have been quite the same here at the beach–wake up, breakfast, beach, lunch on beach, dinner and hitting a few bars–so I really had nothing to say yesterday.


Saturday night we visited Lucy the Elephant. Lucy is a giant elephant in Margate that used to be a hotel and now is a major tourist attraction down here.

photo 1.JPG

Yesterday we got pizza delivered to the beach.

photo 2.JPG

photo 3.JPG

(It’s really crowded.)


For dinner, we went to an Italian seafood place on the water called Baia. I started with a limoncello drink with limoncello and vodka. It was both sweet and strong, which is a sort of weird combination, if you ask me. I couldn’t drink more than one of these.


So for dinner, I switched to wine.


I usually can’t resist gnocchi or scallops on a menu, so when I saw both in one dish, I had to get it.


After dinner, we all headed out to the deck of the restaurant to hang out.


Not really the greatest pic, but I loved the little sparkling lights.


I would like my hair to do that without ocean water. (Or to just move to the ocean. Either would be great.)


Today’s beach lunch delivery was from a placed called Matteo’s, and I got a lobster roll. I felt kind of bad for the lobster and the lobster family he left eating it on the beach.

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t had many vegetables and I haven’t eaten very healthily, but my stomach seems to have calmed down. I don’t understand, but I’m going with it. Back to the beach!

Monopoly Land

Greetings from Margate! (I feel like I’m in Monopoly here–a lot of the properties in Monopoly are named after streets and neighborhoods in the area.)

I’m here with a few of my Junior League friends at our friend Jen’s parents’ house. After sitting in the car for a four-hour trip that should have taken two and a half, we were ready to feast, and Jen’s parents were ready to provide us with a feast.


Burgers. (I finally got the burger I was craving.)


Deviled eggs.


Baked beans.


Potato salad with hard boiled eggs.




Here’s my plate. I also had a hot dog.


Shannon, my Junior League co-chair, and me

After dinner, we went into Atlantic City and went to the Golden Nugget for drinks.


Me and Jen.


YOU GUYS! They deliver food to the beach here. I got a turkey club, and the fries were a serious bonus.


Downtown Margate


Sexy beach hair? If by sexy, you mean crazy.


Back to vacay.