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Mirrors and Bananas


If you’ve ever walked down the street with me, you’ve probably noticed me giving a similar face to a mirror or a store window. Sans camera. Sometimes.

If you’re not familiar with deciphering The Many Faces of Theodora, that face would be the subtlest smile I can muster without everyone in the world realizing that, yes, I am, in fact, smiling at my reflection in a window.

A little narcissistic? Maybe. But considering I worked my ass off (quite literally) to get this body that I’m so happy with–this body that lost 50 pounds, has run seven half-marathons, one full marathon and is training for its second marathon–I’m okay with it. I spent quite a few years trying to ignore the mirror and what I saw in it.

When I was in Philly for the Healthy Living Summit, I totally noticed Gretchen doing the same.

“Are you checking yourself out in the window because you’re so happy with what you see?”


“I do the same exact thing!”

It’s always comforting to know there’s someone else doing the same ridiculous thing you do. If you’ve lost a lot of weight (or just changed your body), do you indulge in a little narcissism like this sometimes, too?

I’m going to balance this narcissism out with sharing a delicious breakfast with you, okay? This morning I made Caitlin’s grilled banana sandwich. Her directions were a little confusing to me, so I improvised.


First, I cooked the banana slices in a little bit of butter, and then I removed them from the pan and cooked the french toast before adding them all together.


Yes, I did drool a little bit before eating.


And yes, I did burn the French toast a little bit. Oops.