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Back on the Run

I’ve been back from Colorado for just over 24 hours, and I’m already thinking about my next trip. I’m headed to just outside of Atlantic City for the Fourth of July and possibly down the shore on Thursday with my mom, so my food will be interesting this week. I’m trying to improvise with what I have as best I can.


This morning, that meant some cookie dough oatmeal and iced coffee (not the real kind–just coffee poured over ice) with lots of water. This actually kept me so full that I didn’t eat “lunch” until 4:30! I was hungry by around 2:30, but I was about to leave for a bike ride, so I didn’t want to have a meal bouncing around my stomach while riding.

Part of my NYC Marathon training plan includes cross training, and my coach has me doing 50 minutes on the days I’m cross-training. I’m usually a 30-minutes and off the elliptical kind of cross-training girl, so I’m making sure to do cross-training I actually enjoy–like biking.

Today I ended up riding for at least an hour (my Garmin paused itself at one point, so I’m not sure just how long I rode), and I rode down to my old neighborhood, the Financial District, and back. Pro tip: when you get to Battery Park on a bike, just turn around. Navigating through that area on a bike is no fun.


When I got back, I scrambled up two eggs and put them in corn tortillas to make…breakfast tacos? Egg wraps? Whatever you want to call them. I know that looks like salsa, but it’s bruschetta. Mexi-talian tacos, then.



My dinner was definitely just Italian, though. My mom had brought me an itty bitty thing of her sauce, and I put it over the Jovial pasta sample I got this weekend, along with some spinach and mushrooms.

So what’s so special about this Jovial pasta? It’s made from einkorn, one of the oldest forms of wheat. I tried their penne, and it had a bit of a nutty taste. Verdict? I’d try it again–it was pretty tasty.

P.S. After this weekend, I am newly motivated to have awesome pictures like Gretchen and Anne. I may even read my Photoshop Elements Maximum Performance book. Maybe.

What’s your go-to meal when your kitchen’s pretty bare?

OBX 2011


Oh, hello! Step inside, and I’ll show you pictures from the beach.


I ate BBQ.




Ice cream with grilled peach and oatmeal cookie.

DSC_0402.JPG DSC_0403.JPG DSC_0404.JPG


DSC_0398.JPG DSC_0399.JPG

Mussels. Duck. (These tapas were all split between three people.)


Had some local N.C. beer.


DSC_0388.JPG DSC_0389.JPG

Hung out on the porch.


Ate a bacon-covered hot dog.


Played with sidewalk chalk.


With a Longboard!


I wish I could take credit for this driveway masterpiece, but that all goes to Tina.


I did have a few veggies.


And fruit.

And, oh yeah, I did a 50-mile bike ride. I also ran 3 miles on Sunday. In a sports bra and running skirt. I’d NEVER do that in NYC, but going from laying on the beach in a bikini to putting a t-shirt on felt weird, so I went with it.