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The Best Part of Marathon Training

As I unlocked my boy Bruiser from the bike rack this morning and hoisted his bulky aluminum frame over my shoulders, I realized something.

I’m in the best part of marathon training right now.

Gone are the weeks where my long runs are still in the single digits. Don’t get me wrong, any run is still an accomplishment, but I found it hard getting excited for an 8-mile run. It was just long enough to feel long but not long enough to feel like I was really accomplishing something.

I wasn’t looking forward to training for this marathon when I started, but I was looking forward to the marathon itself. Over the past few weeks, as I crushed half-marathons and long runs, I started seeing my strength in a way you don’t see it in single-digit runs.

I look forward to my runs now. All of them. From the short three-milers to the long 20-milers that I know are coming soon, I’m excited. Each one of these runs has a purpose, and that is to prepare me for the NYC Marathon.

I realized that this morning as I cruised (by cruise, I mean pedaled as fast I could which is still not that fast) down the Hudson River Path and back for some cross-training. While triathlon training (and I use the word “training” very loosely to describe how I prepared), I would look at the runners on the path and be so glad to be biking. Today, it was the other way around.

Or maybe I’m still riding that post-PR glow.

What is your favorite part of race training? The beginning, the middle, or the taper? (If you say taper, you’re crazy. That’s the most stressful part of any race.) Also, what’s your favorite distance to run? I’m pretty sure mine is the half-marathon distance. But you knew that. My favorite short distance is 4. It’s a nice round number.










Can Summer Please Never End?

This summer had real potential to suck, and it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve definitely been making the best of it, from trips to Colorado and the shore, to just lots of playing outside time. (I don’t think I’ve played outside this much since I was 12!)

It’s hot and sticky and the city pretty much smells like ass, but those gorgeous pink-y sunsets at 8:30 pm make me feel like I have all the time in the world. (Um, maybe because I do. Anyway…)

Last night after coming back to the city with Sara, I headed right back out to meet her and some of her friends at the Standard Biergarten. Beer + outdoor space = serious, serious win. I was way too busy having fun to take pictures, but if you like fun, beer and cute boys, I recommend going here. (And maybe taking you with me? And playing wingwoman for me? I’m really shy with boys. Thanks.)


After a few drinks, we headed over to Barbuto for dinner.


We started with the zucchine e farro: grilled summer squash, pickled shallots, lollo rosso & farro. (Lollo rosso is apparently the kind of lettuce. Thank you, Google.)

My appetite had been off all day, so I hadn’t had much to eat. At this point, it was after 11pm, and I was finally starving.


I had the gnocchi with tomatoes and sweet corn.


The birthday girl got the chicken, which was actually amazing. (I know. When is restaurant chicken amazing??)

This morning I woke up with a bit of a stomachache and skipped a blogger meetup in favor of a little downtime. Once I’d had enough downtime, I met Shannon for a nice long bike ride. We rode up to the George Washington Bridge and back at a nice, leisurely conversational pace for a total of about 17 miles.


I came back and, in 25 minutes, walked Bailey, showered, got dressed and headed back out to meet a friend who was visiting for lunch. I met her and her cousin at Heartland Brewery. We split a beer sampler, and I got a Harvest Wheat beer.


I also got this chicken sandwich on sourdough with sweet potato fries. I was so hungry that I really don’t know how I waited those extra three seconds to take the picture before chowing down. After this super-late lunch, I walked over to Ashley’s to catch up and walked home in the dusk from there.

This great weekend means a great week. I can feel it in my bones.