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Last Week of Wineglass Training/First Week of NYCM Training?

Last week was a weird week for my marathon training.

I started the week off thinking I was training for Wineglass but not being totally sure how I felt about it since I had some knee issues.

But by the end of the week, I knew I shouldn’t run Wineglass as my goal race any more and switched to NYCM as my goal race.

Confession: while I had decided it wouldn’t be my goal race, a small part of me held on to the idea that I could maybe run it “for fun” anyway. (This is what happens when one of your friends is about to break a Guinness world record to be the youngest woman to run 100 marathons. You think you can do crazy things like this.) While I probably could have done this safely and slowly, the idea of running a “for fun” marathon a month before my goal race was too stressful an idea for me, especially since this is something I’ve never done before. I kept the deferral link open in a tab last night, got distracted by being super productive and finally clicked over just after midnight last night to definitely defer. (The link still worked FYI.)

So, I guess I was training for two different marathons last week?


Monday: 3 miles to test out the knee + strength. No pain!

Tuesday: planned rest day

Wednesday: accidental rest day

Thursday: yoga day! Took Sun Celebrations at Laughing Lotus with Justin Ritchie. I was all blissed in for the rest of the day. I’ve usually taken evening or lunchtime yoga classes, so starting my day with yoga was pretty awesome.

Friday: Ran 6 miles with Jen. It was cool but humid out but it was fun to catch up with her.


Saturday: Summer Streets!!!! This was such a fun run. Great company and a great route. I met up with Fiona, Steph and Shaya (all of my favorite running buddies) and we ran up Summer Streets, into the park and straight to Levain. They were all done so stopped for cookies and to discuss where to brunch, but I still had two more miles to go, so no cookie for me. I ran into Riverside Park and then met back up with them at Jacob’s Pickles for a total of 10 miles.

photo (88).JPG

Sharing the route because it was a fun one and awesome boredom buster.

NYC FRIENDS: if you have not been here yet for brunch, get yourself here. The food is absolutely freaking amazing. I had the Coop breakfast, which was eggs, sausage, bacon, a biscuit and grits. I did not eat all of it, but I did put a decent dent in it. You know, in the spirit of recovery and getting some protein and all that.


If you are into Bloody Marys (I am not), this is their Bloody Mary. A pickled egg and bacon. Tons of protein, so it must be a great recovery beverage.

Sunday: evening 3-miler.

Last week was a really low mileage week since I was coming back from an injury. This week will be slightly higher but still easy (no speedwork) to really get back safely to where I need to be. Which means next week will be an ass-kicker, I presume.

BUT, I finally feel like I’m actually back in the game and I’m genuinely excited to run, rather than trying to trick myself into enjoying it like I did for all of July. Today is a yoga day, and I just want to run.

How was your week of training last week? How do you get your running groove back when it’s gone missing?

Also! Another chance to win an NYCM bib! Asics and Foot Locker are hosting a sweepstakes.

Wineglass Marathon Training Week 3: Baby It’s Hot Outside

I totally skipped on two runs this weekend while at the beach, but I told myself this morning that I wouldn’t bail on this update, and that I would continue to hold myself accountable, poor training week or not.

After all, the marathon won’t care about the runs I did or didn’t get in.

So tonight, I set out to get my long run in, heat or not.

Now I can recap my last week of training. (It won’t take very long.)

Tuesday: 4 mile easy run on the treadmill because I was being a weenie about the heat.

Wednesday: A surprisingly great 7-mile tempo run on the treadmill

Thursday: travel day – had previously planned to take as a rest day. The only working out I did was climbing a lighthouse and lifting a lobster roll to my mouth.


Friday: Went to Flywheel with this sexy crew. (L-R: Ashley | Laura | Daria (who doesn’t have a blog…yet???) | and Blake!)

I’ll blog a bit more about our class when I write more about the weekend, but! Blake had reserved our classes, so our stats didn’t show up in my account, BUT I had a massive PR. My highest score before Friday was a 211 (birthday, lucky number!) but I got a 237 on Friday! I really struggle at Flywheel because I have a hard time matching the RPM they want us to get up to, but I had a good-for-me class Friday. I’d tried to get into SoulCycle instead, but it filled up by approximately 12:00:01 on Monday.

When we planned on Flywheel on Friday, I’d planned to shift my 13-miler and 6-miler to Saturday and Sunday. I slept in on Saturday, went down by the pool…and got to chatting. Before I knew it, it was nearly noon, freaking hot and we were leaving for an afternoon party. We’d planned on leaving on Saturday evening, but ended up staying until Sunday morning. I dropped everyone back off in the city, headed out to NJ, and immediately took a nap.

So…yeah. Not my finest effort this weekend, but I acknowledge this and now realize that for any other beach weekends with friends this summer, I’ll have to get my long run out of the way before I head out of town (like I did last year) so that I only have a shorter run.


Today: I’m still going to sneak this into last week’s training. Like I said above, I pushed myself to get tonight’s run in since I’d regretted slacking this weekend. I started the run pretty miserable – mad at myself for slacking, knowing my pace was going to suck and with a bit of a headache from my pupils still being a bit dilated from an eye doctor appointment today. I left a bit before 7 so that hopefully it would cool down as much as possible while I could still get some daylight. I was supposed to run 13 this weekend, but I knew that probably wouldn’t happen tonight. I told myself first anything over 6 would be good, and then I forced myself to run far enough away from home that I’d have to do at least 9.

I ran down the East side, over the Brooklyn Bridge, back over the Manhattan Bridge and up through Chinatown to Union Square to get to an even 9, and I called it a day. I was a little bummed when I finished at a slow pace, and when I Instagrammed the picture above, Victoria reminded me of the heat index/pace chart you can use to feel faster. I never used to struggle like this in the heat, so I’d been chalking it up to getting older, heavier, slower, something, but I’m going to go with the heat thing. Since it is pretty damn hot and humid out, after all.

I found the Jack Daniels Running Calculator, and it said I was running about 27 seconds slower per mile because of the heat. While even that pace is a bit slower than I usually run for mid-distance runs like this, it makes me feel a little better.

Mileage total: A whopping 20 miles last week. Awesome. Onward and upward this week! Focuses: getting back to yoga, not freaking out too much over pace, and just focusing on training in general.

Does the heat really affect you or can you usually just run through it…like I used to be able to do?