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Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference Liveblog Taste-Testing!

As part of the FItness & Health Bloggers Conference, we’re doing a blogging equivalent of speed dating. Six brands pitched us for five minutes each while letting us taste test their products…including margaritas. Keep in mind that I wrote these reviews on the spot and only did minimal editing–after a strong margarita 😉


They’re healthier because they don’t use any oil in their process. The chips take up less volume, which means you can fit more in each bag. We were each given a chip to blind taste test. I think I got cheddar. Their flavors are original, BBQ, sour cream and onion and cheddar. They’re tasty, but so light that a whole 100-calorie bag can’t stand alone as a snack for me.



It’s a sports drink with electrolytes available in powdered form–sort of like Gatorade or Nuun. It started as a juice but now also comes in packets, like Crystal Lite. It’s too low-calorie for something like a long run, but if you’re dehydrated from being sick or hot weather, I think this would be good.

DSC_0615.JPG DSC_0618.JPG

I tried the grape flavor, and it definitely tasted like it had more calories than it did.



They were designed to bring healthy protein to consumers that tastes like candy bars. I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so that marketing was lost on me. It only had three grams of sugar, but it still tasted waaaaaaaaaaaay too sweet for my liking.

Larabars/Cascadian Farms:

Larabars were created when its founder, Lara, was on a hike and wondered why dried fruit and nuts hadn’t been combined. No bar has more than nine ingredients.


(I can’t wait to try this blueberry muffin one!)

Cascadian Farms: all products are organic. It started on a farm in Washington State in 1972. There’s bars, cereal, granola and frozen fruits and vegetables.


Skinny Margaritas with Casa Noble tequila:

YOU GUYS! We taste tested margaritas at a blogging conference. They had 48 calories per ounce and are kind of amazing.







Jovial makes brown rice pasta and Einkorn pasta. It has lots of protein and is great for vegans and vegetarians. Einkorn is the most ancient form of wheat. The Einkorn pasta has low gluten levels, so it is a little more easily tolerated for those with gluten sensitivities. We didn’t get to try any, but it looks interesting.



Everyone else got PBJ, but I just got to try the bread. They started as a bakery in the 70s, but were looking to launch a gluten-free bread recently to fill the need for gluten-free community. It’s sold in the freezer and they recommend to store it in the freezer because it has a short shelf life because of the gluten-free ingredients and there’s no preservatives. For just dry bread, it wasn’t too bad, but I think I would have liked it with something on it.