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Practicing What I Preach

So you guys like it when I’m sassy and kick your ass into gear, it seems. Noted.

Perhaps you’ll see some more sass around here.

What you’ll definitely continue to see a lot of for the next 53 days is running. (Yes, 53 days till the marathon. Ah!!)

Last night, I was not hypocritical at all, and I didn’t make excuses, and I went for what ended up being a 6-mile run. When I only had 5 planned. Rebecca and I hit up the Athleta/Urban Girl Squad running club. She met at my apartment, and we ran the 1.5 miles from here to the Athleta store on the Upper West Side.

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

We started out at the store (at 70th and Columbus) and then walked over to the park, entering at the 72nd Transverse.

photo 3.JPG

All of these lovely ladies were our coaches for the evening.

There were three groups: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Advanced was under-9:00 pace (which I probably would have tried if I weren’t training for the marathon) and included speedsters like Megan; intermediate was 10:00-11:00 pace and…I didn’t pay attention to beginner since it wasn’t me. (Sorry.)

The group ran about 1.5 loops of the lower loop of the park. As we started, Rebecca and I were a little frustrated that we were completely in between the two pace groups: faster than intermediate, slower than advanced, but that lady up there raising her right leg caught up with us and chatted with us and pushed us a little harder than we had expected. She’s run Boston and done crazy 12-hour running races, so she’s no joke. It was fun running with her and chatting with her–it almost made me forget that I’d run 18 miles two days earlier and my legs were pretty damn sore.

Overall, I like the idea of running groups, but my experience with the two I’ve tried (this one and the Nike one) is that the pacers are usually off what they say they are. In our case last night, that was fine, since the intermediate group was a bit slower than we wanted to go.

We skipped the stretching to run back to my apartment. Rebecca had planned to take the bus cross-town but it never came, so that rockstar ended up doing nearly 8. The day after she ran 18.

Speaking of the marathon…

I found out my bib number and start time this morning! (If you’re running it: log in and click registration. You can download your registration card and it shows you this info.) I’m starting at 10:40, and I’m in the 52nd corral! Things seem a lot more real now.

Just in case you’ve been missing my food posts (although I’m not sure why you would?)…


…here is some oatmeal with pumpkin spices, almond milk and sunflower butter. I later added a banana, obviously.


And some leftover pasta with added kale and chicken sausage.

I haven’t been doing many food or day-in-the-life of posts lately because my life has sort of been all over the place, but I actually miss these posts myself, so I’ll be trying to add some of these back in when I have time.

The Lazy Chef

More signs it’s marathon training season: it’s 9:30 on a Saturday night and I am already in my PJs. It is a gorgeous night in NYC, but I can barely keep my eyes open.

But not only did I run 9 miles and do yoga this morning, I ended up biking 6 miles– 3 miles up to Central Park and 3 back to hang out with some friends. I met them on the Great Lawn, and biking beat hopping on the subway or taking a super long walk up there.

photo (23).JPG

I had approximately two sips of champagne. I have no idea why I’m grinning like that. Also, that is not a gingham blanket/tablecloth we are sitting on. Those are actually my shorts, which hiked way up when I was riding up to the park and totally freaked me out that people were making fun of me. Which they probably were. Oops?


Also, please note my mad editing skillz that came out nowhere tonight. Check out the before below of this photo.

photo 1.JPG

  photo 2.jpg

As I rode back home, I caught this gorgeous sunset. (These last two pictures, by the way, are both iPhone pictures. It really can take some awesome shots in the right light.)


When I got home, I ripped into this thing of veggies from Trader Joe’s and stir-fried it with some chicken, sesame oil and soy sauce and threw it over whole wheat pasta.



I realized when I was cooking this that I’m not necessarily a bad chef, I’m just a boring and somewhat lazy one sometimes. Also, true story, I need to start paying attention the actual recipes more when I read blogs. I usually am way more interested in learning about the author’s life and personality than their food. But I’m starting to use Pinterest to pin recipes I like, and recipes from a Ms. Daily Garnish keep showing up there. She has a fancy culinary school background, but her meals are still relatively easy and healthy and pretty. I like pretty food. (Even if my own photos don’t always show that.)

I also like sleep. Good night.