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The Calm After the Storm Was Quite the Opposite

I should know by now. Any time you say that you think things have gotten calm is precisely when they take a turn for the opposite.

My aunt called yesterday afternoon and said their house was flooding and water from the river was shooting out of their plumbing.

Before my parents left to go pick them up, there were three humans, two cats and one dog here.


Nine humans (including one baby!), four dogs and two cats.



Tony, Teddy (who is named after me but hates me. Thanks little guy.)




And, of course, my sweet friend Bailey here.


The family descended upon us with bags upon bags.


And food that would have otherwise gone bad.DSC_0233

Thanks for the fruit, family.


When you come from an Italian family and you need to put a dinner for nine together at the drop of a hat, you unfreeze spaghetti sauce and make spaghetti. (I mean, apparently. All I did was smile, pour wine and help set the table. But I guess it’s the Italian version of “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”)


Thank god for vegetables.


And cupcakes.

I don’t usually get all bent out of shape about a few unhealthy meals, but I cannot wait to run.

I said I wanted a hurricane party, but I guess I never specified with whom. A family hurricane party is interesting, too. I’m sorry it’s because my family suffered damage, but I’m glad that everyone’s okay.


Last night I headed back to Chinatown and my friend Cassie’s couch after my conference. I still had some work to do when I got back so we just headed out for a quick sushi dinner at Sei, a sushi place that opened after I left DC.

Before I hopped on the train Friday night, I told myself that I’d allow myself a few indulgences while down here. Morgan and I had orginally been planning on going to Buzz, an OMG-so-delicious little bakery/coffeeshop in Alexandria. So I had psyched myself up for a cupcake and after a long day at the conference yesterday decided I was entitled to said cupcake. Cassie and I went to Red Velvet, a new cupcakerie in Penn Quarter. Maybe I was just really overtired, but the cupcake and sushi were both meh. I only even ended up eating half of the cupcake and throwing it out!