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30 Hours in Washington, D.C.

You guys. I pulled off an amazing surprise this weekend.

That I actually managed to pull it off is something of a feat. Even at 28, I’m the girl who wants to give you your Christmas present early because I can’t wait. I scoop myself on my own big news because I just have to tell you. (I am, however, decent at keeping others’ secrets. Blame the Catholic guilt there.)

When I saw my lovely friend Lindsay in Maine this summer, we talked about how she was going to be running the Marine Corps Marathon. I told her I’d think about coming down to watch her that weekend and then sort of forgot about it. Until earlier this week, when I realized I’d feel like a really crappy person if my best friend who lives 6,000 miles away (in paradise) was going to be 250 miles away running a marathon and I didn’t go watch her.

So Thursday afternoon, I made a gametime decision that not only would I go down to DC, but I would surprise her! I made plans to take a bus down Saturday morning, and I started emailing her mom to make plans to surprise her.


I took the bus down yesterday morning and went over to Beth’s, where I was staying. (Thanks so much for letting me stay with you!)


We went to Trio, on 17th, which was just weird. From our very eccentric waiter (yes, turkey burger is backwards) to walking through the kitchen to get to the bathroom, we had a weird lunchtime experience.


Wait, what?


From there, I went over to American (where Lindsay and I met as college roommates!) to surprise her. I sat in this little coffee shop on campus, marveled at how young the college kids looked, and waited.

Finally, Lindsay and her family walked in!!


She was so surprised!


Yeah, we had the good fortune of showing up just when it started snowing. Jake (Lindsay’s husband) had never seen the campus, so we gave him and his family a little tour.



For example, here’s our dining hall, which definitely contributed to my weight gain in college. All-you-can-eat…everything? Uh oh.



Eagle’s Nest, the convenience store.

Nothing on campus looked too different, but nothing really looked the same either. We felt really old, again.


So, um, I pretty much only went to the gym in college if Lindsay dragged me. I did enjoy swimming laps, but never would dream of going alone.



I like carb-loading, but Lindsay wanted a big salad the night before her marathon. (I know, I don’t know how we’re friends either.) We went to Ted’s Montana Grill for dinner since it was near their hotel. They had this big creepy bison on the wall. I felt sort of guilty for eating one of his friends for dinner. Sorry, bud.

I conveniently didn’t take any pictures, but afterwards, I met up with Beth and her friends for a Halloween party. I was tired and planned on staying for just a drink or two, but those are always the famous last words, and we got back to her apartment around 4am.

Which means that there was no early-morning spectating, and we rolled up to mile 26 of the marathon around 11.



Getting there around 11 meant that we were just in time to see the 3:15-3:20ish finishers, and they all looked super-strong!

I missed getting a photo of Lindsay, but I did see her, which made the entire trip worth it.


The spectators spilled onto the streets at this part. I was surprised there were no race officials there to keep them off the street.


Does the girl in the green shirt look familiar?


Once I saw Leslie, I began the long, muddy trek back to the metro.


Oh hey there.


And hello. Nice to see you.


Do they give massages after NYCM, too??

I walked to what ended up being the colossal disaster at the metro before changing my mind and walking up to Clarendon to meet friends for brunch.


A new-to-me place, Cava. There’s so many new restaurants since I left DC!


French toast. OH YES.


Fries with feta. (If you are counting, yes, that would make three meals in a row with fries.)


They got some mini pitas, which looked delicious.

After this whirlwind little trip, I am exhausted but my heart is happy from seeing all kinds of old friends all weekend. I have no desire to ever live in DC again, but it’s nice to be able to come back.

And I am alternately completely psyched up and terrified for NYCM now. I looked at the runners and thought “I can’t believe I’m going to do that next week.”


Once again, congrats to everyone who ran MCM! I can’t wait to read your recaps.

Back in the Kitchen

[If you’re catching up from the weekend: I did good for the community, my body and soul on Friday and Saturday; yesterday was my three-year anniversary of leaving D.C.

I’ve been on a little bit of a (healthy) takeout bender lately. I’ve been pretty cranky and have had no desire to cook. Usually when this happens, I finally reach a breaking point. (My wallet always jumps up and thanks me for this.)

Yesterday I was excited to check out a farmer’s market I’d heard about near my apartment. I headed out with my reusable bags…only to find it was closed. I kept walking and walked up to Whole Foods, where I bought A TON of food.

Some of my creations in the past 24 hours:


Chicken, sundried tomatoes, spinach and feta on a whole wheat wrap for a late lunch after a crappy, crappy five-mile run.


A soba noodle stir fry with peppers, onions, chicken and broccoli sauteed with soy sauce and a bit of sesame oil.



A pretzel bagel with sunflower butter as a post-dinner snack. (The Thomas people sent them to me, and they’re REALLY good. I’ve also tried them with ketchup and they’re just as good with ketchup.)


But this is what I’m excited for. Cookie dough breakfast. I saw this creation on Gabriela’s blog and knew I had to try it.

In my mix:

  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • a few drops of chocolate almond extract that I found in my pantry (I have no recollection of buying or receiving this as a gift or sample…)
  • one chopped banana
  • whatever sunflower butter melts off the side of the jar

I’m going to need a lot of coffee this morning. I stayed up late to watch Obama’s statement on capturing bin Laden–did you watch?