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Tonight I Watched a Bunch of People Work Out

photo 2.jpg

Tonight, I helped host a blogger event for DailyBurn, one of my clients.

And I survived.


Nut styling courtesy of my lovely coworker, Lizzie. (Aren’t those little cups adorable?)


The event was a Hunger Games-themed workout, and everyone worked out to one of the DailyBurn videos, Animal Core.

Because I needed a rest day, and because I thought helping coordinate an event and then hopping into the workout might be a bit much, I just stood in the back and chilled, taking pictures. (If by chill, you mean taking four million deep breaths while hoping everything went smoothly. Then yes, I was totally chill.) During the first few minutes, I thought maybe I should have just hoped in, but the workout looked pretty hard, and I was happy for a rest day.


Lisa Wheeler, DailyBurn’s fitness program director, led the workout and answered questions for everyone afterwards. You probably can’t see them very well, but she had some pretty hot gold sneakers on.

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Laura, Ashley, Erica, some weird chick, Sam and Cat. Check our their blogs in the next few days if you’re interested in the workout. (And Melissa and Megan’s blogs, too.)

Also, Cat is so much taller than I expected. She may be the only blogger I’ve ever met who is taller in real life.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming! I hope everyone had a good time and got a good workout in. And I hope my worlds keep colliding like this.

Trainer in Your Pocket

(No, I haven’t figured out how to get my old trainer to come back from Hong Kong and hop into my pocket, but I’ll let you know if I do figure that one out.)

I won’t often be writing about my job and my clients on here, but this is a special case of worlds colliding. (Which has happened a lot lately.)

One of the accounts I’m working on is DailyBurn–a site that (until recently) was more of a site to track your workouts and food. I actually used this site quite a bit when I was losing weight to track what I was doing.  They also have a number of generic training plans you can follow, some fun challenges and a really supportive community.

But this week, they introduced something new, something they think will be the future of fitness. Their new system features something they’re calling Intelliburn, which is a fancy algorithm that develops a fitness program for you based on your input.

When you first join this new DailyBurn, you fill out a questionnaire about your workout history, habits and goals. For example, I said that I work out a lot, I’m looking to get toned (oh god, am I looking to get toned), prefer cardio and yoga-type exercises (maybe that’s why I’m not actually toned…) and prefer to work out for about 45 minutes a day.

Based on all that, the first workout it spit out for me was a 47-minute “tactical cardio” workout. After you do the workout, you let them know how it goes, and the next workouts you’re served up are based on your input. The algorithm considers things like: which trainers have gotten the best response from you, what sort of injuries you may have, the time since your last workout and muscle groups recently worked (i.e., you probably won’t get two hard leg workouts in a row), and the sports you like.

They call their team of trainers the DB6 (which reminds me of the Magnificent 7), and all the trainers have totally different backgrounds and approaches to help you meet your goals. Keaira, can I have abs like yours? Awesome.

You also give them input on how you eat and want to eat, and it gives you nutritional suggestions–which I really like. I’ve played with other sites that come up with meal plans for you, but they’re all too dairy-heavy for my milk-hating stomach. This let me tell it that I don’t eat much dairy and it spits out meal suggestions and snacks based on that. (Above not from mine.)

They’re currently doing a 7-day trial, and after that, it costs $29.99 Edited to update: It now costs $9.99 a month–which is way cheaper than actually getting a trainer or nutritionist! (I know for some of you this is more than you pay for an actual gym every month, and for that, I am jealous.) For those of you hooked on their tracking tools, those aren’t going anywhere.

What do you think? Would you try something like this?