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Check the ingredients and keep your man healthy!

How the hell are those two related? Keep reading.

Last night, I intending on running home from work and getting an eight-mile run in. The attack of the rumbly tummy means that I only got about a mile in and sat down frustrated at the ferry terminal (at least if I was going to get frustrated, I was sitting waterside, right?) and eventually took a cab home because I was a few avenues over from the nearest subway. I got in and the cabbie asked why I didn’t keep running—“it’s good training,” he said. Oh, if looks could kill…

I texted Joel and complained to him a bit more about my stomach issues. He said if I’d cut out most of my wheat and dairy, I should feel better soon. He cautioned that I should check my soy milk to see if it contained cargeenan. I looked, and sure enough it did. What’s cargeenan? Apparently, a Vaseline-like substance that’s put in some foods to thicken them and can have a role in intestinal inflammation. Gross. If you look below in the comments, you will see that it’s also supposedly used to deice planes in the winter. DOUBLE GROSS.

I went and I bought almond milk, which is incredibly yummy, didn’t have cargeenan, and I tried in my overnight oats this morning:


One more thing. I don’t typically talk about men’s health, because:

  • I’m not one.
  • I’m not dating one, currently. (Ahem…)
  • Most of my readers are women.

But my friend Ashley’s husband, Bo, wrote about his journey to get in shape. He went from 275 pounds just a few years ago to training for the NYC Marathon this year! For another dude transformation, you might also want to check out this guy, who’s lost 70 pounds since March.