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What kind of scale do you have? Does it show your BMI, etc? I’m a scale virgin and need to purchase one soon, but I’d like to get one that does a full-range of things.

I have a Tanita scale, but it doesn’t do anything special other than weigh me.

My buddy startinganewlife.tumblr.com recently recommended the Biggest Loser scale:

“I recently purchased The Biggest Loser scale from Target. It is called the Taylor Cal Max. It measures your weight along with the ounces. This helps for the weeks that you lose (or gain) an ounce or 2. And only 30 bucks! I chose to do that because I know that some weeks with a normal scale it would stay the same. Even if it just tells me .2, a loss is a loss and way better than a gain! This scale also lets you get your BMI and how many calories you should be eating a day to maintain your weight.”

As far as scales: make sure to weigh at the same time, weigh naked and without socks. And don’t let the number upset you too much; it’s about health and how you feel. The scale is just the easiest way to measure it.

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