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Hawaii Tomorrow!

I’m going to Hawaii tomorrow!

Things I’m Excited About:

  • sun
  • sand
  • seeing Lindsay and her husband, Jake
  • running in Hawaii
  • resting
  • not checking my e-mail…too often
  • Not necessarily blogging every day (I have some awesome guest posts all ready for you!)
  • taking pretty pictures
  • resting
  • Hawaiian food

Things I’m NOT Excited About:

  • The flights. A 3h 41 flight to Houston tomorrow followed by an 8h 20min (ah!) flight to Honolulu. Like Laney, I am not a huge fan of flying. To put it mildly. However, have wine, will travel.
  • Leaving sweet Bailey dog at my parents. He’s in more-than-capable hands, but I’ll miss him.
  • That’s all. I’M GOING TO HAWAII!!!!!!! Of course I’m excited!

For breakfast this morning, I had an omelette again. I got all crazy today and added onions:

Why are my overnight oats purple? I put some frozen berries in before I left for work and let them melt along with myself on the subway.

I’m going to Hawaii next week (!!!), and I don’t want to leave this little blog here all by itself—it’s only a toddler! (I’ll be staying with friends, so I’m not totally disconnecting myself from the internets, but I’m definitely not going to post multiple times a day. Or even everyday. Unless I’m eating some crazy amazing Hawaiian food I want to tell you about.)

Are you interested in writing a guest post? If so, e-mail me at theodora AT losingweightinthecity dot com with what you’re interested in posting about. I already have a great one from Cynthia at It All Changes about being healthy despite having health problems. Some ideas: body image, running, nutrition, recipes, weight loss stories, etc. I’d need posts by next Monday so that they’d be ready to go when I leave on vacay next Thursday morning.