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Catching Up on Life

Since I don’t remember the last time I had a day to just hang around my apartment and get stuff done, I decided to take advantage of my day without plans today and not make any plans.

I woke up and went for a five-mile run. After Friday’s long run and yesterday’s sorta-speedwork, I thought my legs would feel really tight and sore, but I felt remarkably strong the entire time. Whew.

I got back and knew there was some cleaning to be done. I just happened to go visit Diana’s blog and saw that she was doing a Get Organized Challenge.

Sweet. That’s what I need to do. While I’m really bad at formally following challenges, I am going to try to commit to do the following three things to keep me a little more happy (since a clean house equals clean mind for me.)

I am going to refuse to go to sleep unless: all laundry is put away, there are no dishes in the sink and there’s nothing on my kitchen counter. That’s totally doable.


I started by going through this massive stack of paperwork. (It was actually more massive before I got to it.)


And then filing it away in my little storage cube, since a desk is not something I have room for. Fellow NYC people with limited space: where/how do you store your paperwork??


I’m going to put all this away, I swear.



And finish unpacking bags from weekends away and gym trips.


Lunch was a bunch of leftovers from the other night–chicken, grilled vegetables and salad.

Are there any cleaning tasks you refuse to go to sleep until you’ve completed them?