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OMG, I’m Running MCM Tomorrow!

I’m going to run my third marathon tomorrow, and I’m oddly calm right now, and incredibly happy.

The “hay is in the barn.” I’ve done everything I can do, and all that is left to do is trust in my training and run this thing.

I got into town yesterday and dropped my bags in Chinatown a few blocks from my old place, and Rebecca and I ran to the expo. I pointed out to Rebecca the places I ran the little bit I ran when I lived here. I couldn’t help but feel filled with emotion that I would be running a marathon in D.C., a complete 180 from the person I was when I lived here.

It wasn’t a terribly exciting expo, but that didn’t stop us from opening our wallets. Getting paid on expo day? Dangerous.

photo 1.JPG

After the expo, I went back to Anne’s apartment, where I stayed last night. We went out with some of her friends, and were back and in bed by 10:30. Wild Friday night.

photo 2.JPG

Because we had plans for a hot shakeout run date this morning as part of my participation in the Runner’s World Challenge program. Led by Runner’s World editors, the run took us on a 3-mileish run around the Mall and the monuments.

!photo (68).JPG

Oh, I know her, too!

The run took us past:

photo 3.JPG

The Vietnam World War II Memorial

photo 4.JPG

Lincoln Memorial

photo 5.JPG

And the Washington Monument.

Either the Washington Monument is falling, or I was leaning. Also, I can’t believe now I didn’t run (much) when I lived here. I missed out on so much.

Screen shot 2012-10-27 at 8.48.51 PM.png

Post-run, we hung with our buddy Bart Yasso for a bit. Last year, he predicted my marathon time within 4 seconds; this year he predicted a 3:58 for me. We’ll see…

photo 3.JPG

Afterwards, Anne and I went to the very cute Ted’s Bulletin for breakfast. (It’s not brunch because there were no beverages involved.)

photo 1.JPG

photo 2.JPG

I got eggs, a pancake, turkey sausage (meh, should have stuck with bacon) and berries. Ted’s was awesome at letting us substitute any sides for sides we wanted.

I met up afterwards with Lindsay, my best friend from college, and it was wonderful to see her. She lived in Hawaii for three years, so I’m happy to have her back on the same coast, though I miss having someone to visit in Hawaii!

I grabbed a quick lunch with Anne and her husband and went back into D.C. to meet up with my friend Julie and her family at Matchbox to chat. It’s Julie’s first marathon, and she was really nervous. I’m a little nervous, but talking to a first-time marathoner calmed me down, as I reminded myself I’d been through all this before. Twice.

I went to a Runner’s World strategy session before the race led by my BFF Bart, EIC David Willey, Special Projects Editor Jen Van Allen, and Race Director Rick Nealis. They answered tons of questions from the crowd and eased my mind about stupid details, like when I should get into the corrals. (7:30 is fine, they said.)


My parents are here, and I carb-loaded with them and came back to the hotel and am getting ready to go to sleep now.


My buddy Bart signed his book for me, and I’m going to go to sleep with his advice in my mind.