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What You Don’t See

I share an awful lot on this blog, but there’s also a lot you don’t see.

Some of it’s good, some of it is the rough stuff.

You don’t always see…

[the good]

…those simple nights with friends that somehow end up being the best nights ever, better than the fancy dinners and events

…any men in my life (well, there’s nothing to see right now, but sharing romantical relationships on my blog makes me uncomfortable)

…the long walks with just me and Bailey

…all of my workouts (some of them are boring)

…all of my meals (a lot of them are boring)

[the bad]

…that despite being unemployed, I still spend too much money on getting food out

…that occasionally being single, unemployed and living alone makes me really lonely

…that a lot of the time, it’s still a mental fight to pick the healthier food and to get a workout done

What do you wish you saw more of on here? If you have a blog, what stuff do you leave out?