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My Day in Food: Dinner (Last night)

Update on temptation:

Attended Junior League meeting, was steadfast in declining pizza. I was walking home from the subway, and my stomach started GRUMBLING. I think other people were actually looking at me, it was growling so loudly. I walked past a few more pizza parlors (this is NYC, after all, and there are as many pizza parlors as people) and had an inner debate: “Would it REALLY be SO bad if I had a slice of pizza?” My trainer (who’s now reading this, I think) would be glad to know that the angel in my head told the devil in my head “YES! It would be so bad to have it.”

So, I stopped and picked up some sushi because, in retrospect, my “dinner” was too small. It was even too small to post a photo of. It was the leftovers of the balsamic chicken from the night before on some more lettuce. So, I had two sushi rolls. I wish they had brown rice, and I wish there hadn’t been tempura flakes in the sweet potato one (have you noticed I love sweet potatoes?), but I think it was still a better choice than the pizza.

I got on the scale this am and weighed two pounds less than I did yesterday, so I guess it was an okay choice! That’s still one pound more than I weighed when I woke up Friday. No more overindulging weekends for a while for me!