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Addicted to Pesto

I only bought my jar of pesto last night, but I have used it in every meal except breakfast I’ve made between now and then.

The wrap (not to be confused with THE WRAP from Starbucks.)


A bowl of whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage last night.


And a brown rice, spinach and chicken sausage bowl today. When I find an ingredient/combination I like, I tend to just keep cooking with it until I get sick of it or it runs out.

I also went and worked out at NYSC. I ran 2 miles there (and messed up the treadmill more times than I can count), lifted and then ran 3 miles outside.

As someone who writes a healthy living blog and who works out a lot, where I work out is something I think about a lot. (Maybe too much?)

I joined Equinox last year because I really wanted to step things up a notch and try out some of their awesome and intense classes. I loved classes like Barre Burn 30/60/90 and Vipr, and I’m not going to lie, walking into a gym that looks like a spa is pretty awesome. But realistically, I wasn’t using the gym that much. I was paying $100+ per month, and going to the gym around five times a month, choosing to do most of my workouts either outside or taking classes elsewhere.

If I weren’t training for a sprint tri, I might have tried doing the no-gym thing, just using my building’s little gym when I needed weights and machines, but I needed a pool.

I did some research and found that New York Sports Club is currently offering a 30-day trial for $30 for one club and $49 for all clubs, so I’ve switched back to there for the time being. I have no idea what my life will look like in a month, and I’ll make the gym/no gym/which gym decision again then. In the meantime, I’m always down for taking classes with people if you go to NYSC!