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Channeling Grief Into Running

Hey, remember when I used to write about running and fitness more?

Yeah, me too. Ah, yes, back when life was more simple and running and fitness were a novelty, not something that I now depend on for my sanity.

Well, I have found the perfect way to channel and combine my grief and my running.

Teal Walk Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Remember when I did the Teal Walk? First with my mom, and then with my friends in memory of my mom. 

Teal Walk Ovarian Cancer

Well, Teal got charity bibs for the NYC Half this year, and I’m proud to be raising money for them and have another race, another goal, on the horizon. 

I’ve been doing Orangetheory again, and I’m really excited to see how all of this torture speed work pays off.

I would love to dream big and say I’m gunning for a new PR, but I’ll have to see how much running fitness I can recover in the next 3.5 months. It’s been a while since I’ve even gone sub-2, so I know that is at least my solid B goal, no matter what.

Do you have any big running goals right now?

The NYC Half in Race Photos

I’m not gonna lie. After losing 50 pounds, I kinda like looking at pictures of myself. (What? I have a blog. You knew I was probably a little narcissistic.)

It reminds me of how far I’ve come.

I especially like race photos, because I like seeing how I look to the rest of the world when I am clearly struggling inside. While I think I pushed myself harder Sunday than I’ve ever pushed myself in a race before, no race is ever easy.

Since I like race photos so much, I always try to smile when I see a camera. Really, I do this whenever I see a camera. If someone’s taking a picture, I don’t want to be caught looking stupid. But I love race photos because I think I always look so strong.

I got the race photos from the half last night, and some of them are pretty decent.

Picture 60.png

Clearly, I was looking for some inspiration from above.

Picture 64.png

Was I running in place here???

Picture 61.png

Still looking for inspiration from above.

Picture 63.png

Smiling through the pain.

Picture 62.png

Oh, thank god I’m done.

Thanks again to everyone for all the kind words about this race! It means so much to me.

I wanted to also address a question I got on Tumblr this morning.

Anonymous asked: I notice you’ve put up some Amazon links that have your referral code embedded. I was a little bummed to catch this since you are typically transparent about making money from things. You should mention that you profit from it and will get a kickback from your readers purchasing these things.

And here’s what I answered:

You’re right. I’ve updated my shop page on both versions of my blog to disclose that.

I’m also going to write up my own version of these bylaws to be even clearer about what I get for free/what I’ll accept for the blog. But I 100% agree with Kath’s last point, and that is my guiding principle in accepting free stuff/making money off of blog stuff:

I believe firmly in keeping the integrity of my blog and would never compromise my beliefs and standards for the sake of a payment.

That’s why I ended my OpenSky shop. It was a cool idea, but it would have been a lot of work to get the products that I actually use into my OpenSky store, and I wasn’t comfortable with selling things just because they were sent to me for free. I’m doing the Amazon affiliate program because it’s stuff that I use/would be linking to anyway, so honestly, it’s cool if I can make a few extra bucks doing that.