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Run Run Run

Hello from happiness, also known as laying on my couch after a long run. 

After my Brooklyn DNF last year, I’m terrified of a repeat, so I’ve been taking my training seriously.

After running so many halfs and races in the past, it feels awfully humbling in some ways to have to start over and build back up to getting into half marathon shape — I used to always want to be in good enough shape that I could run a half on a whim.

But life and sinuses intervened last year, and here we are, rebuilding.

I’m attempting to not stress out over the pace, and that’s keeping me sane. I don’t need to put the pressure on myself right now to attempt to PR, or even do anything other than just finish, 

And it’s actually been kind of fun to experience the thrill every week of running more than I did the week before.

NYC Tulips

Plus, also, my city is kind of gorgeous in the springtime, and I ran my favorite route, around the tip of Manhattan.

NYC Downtown Running Route

 Statue of Liberty

My friend Meg gives me a hard time that I call basically everywhere my “favorite running spot in the city,” but with views like these (that’s Lady Liberty in the distance), how can you blame me?

Manhattan Bridge

Oh hey Manhattan Bridge, looking good today.

And then I saw this on Grace’s blog, and now I need it.

Time to get a jump on work for this week… (but also do some of our Daily Burn yoga because we have a “new” instructor on 365 today.)

How was your run/where’s your fave place to run?