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Is It Worth It?

[Let me work it. Put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.]

Tonight, I caught up with my friend Lacey. We hung around my apartment for a little while before taking a walk to find some food. We didn’t walk too far before ending up at Ollie’s, a Chinese restaurant.


I was more tired than hungry, so I just stuck with chicken and vegetables with some brown rice, and started with a spring roll. As I wasn’t terribly hungry, this was fine and hit the spot.

When I got home, I idly reached for some chocolate chip cookies on my kitchen counter. They’re packaged chunky Chips Ahoy, and they used to be my favorite chocolate chip cookies. My mom brought them in a few weeks ago when I was sick. I realized tonight that they just don’t do anything for me any more–neither calorically nor emotionally. My tastes have certainly changed a lot since I changed my diet and my life. I’m so much more aware of flavors now, and I savor every bite of the tasty flavors. I don’t think I noticed how food tastes quite as much before I lost weight. I was just eating too much, too quickly and too bland/fried food to realize.

I also don’t feel any more like I need to satisfy every craving like it is my last chance to eat something. (That’s not to say I don’t give in to my cravings sometimes, but, let’s be real–as much as I love healthy food now, I still crave fried food fairly often. It’s a daily battle.) Therefore, when I do eat it, it’s a bit more special, and therefore “worth” it.

So, worth it?

Momofuku Compost Cookies.

Not worth it?

Chunky Chips Ahoy.

What food doesn’t taste as good to you as it used to and why?