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Friday Fail

This post was supposed to be about the race I ran this morning.

About how I pulled myself out of bed a little earlier on a Friday morning to go up to Central Park and ran 5 miles before work. About how I PRed, running it in less than 45:00, for an 8:xx pace. About how I only had one race to volunteer at and one to run before I was automatically in the NYC Marathon next year.

[Updated to add: this post was also supposed to be about the awesome medal I got for running 5 miles before work.]

But I overslept. Left 94monkeys hanging with my race shirt, which she was so gracious to pick up for me when she picked up her own last night. So now I am back needing to run two more (I am already registered for the Race to Deliver—I just need to find one more to register for) before December 31.

Maybe I just need more sleep.

Breakfast was a banana sandwich and coffee:

An Ode to Cheese

I loved feta

It made things betta

Until it bothered my tum

Which made me feel bum(med)

[Uh, maybe this is why I left the editorial side and went into social media.]

So, the verdict is that I’m allergic to cheese/lactose intolerant. An allergist gave me a scratch test today, and that’s what it came back as. I’m also being tested for gluten, nuts, etc., etc. to see if there are any other allergies. I have more questions to ask of the doctor (what about yogurt? What should I do if I *am* going to have dairy? Why is the sky blue? What is the meaning of life?) But it’s good to be on the path to answers here.

So I had a nice dairy-free soba noodle salad for lunch:

Luckily this won’t affect my boozing habits; I never liked White Russians anyway.