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That Time I Didn’t Run the Miami Half

So, remember how I was going to Miami to run a half?

Yeah…I didn’t run it.

It basically came down to this: we just didn’t want to do it. And how often in life can you just not do something because you don’t feel like it with no further consequences than money you’ve already spent?

We went for a run Friday morning, and it was brutal: hot, humid, sunny. Tough when you’re used to those conditions, basically hell when you’re not. We spent the next day filled with uncertainty over the race, and finally last night decided that we just wouldn’t do it. It was really hot (glorious for laying out, not so much for runners from NY not acclimated to these conditions), none of us had been training much and we would have had to wake up at 3:30 or 4 to make it to the 6:15 start time. No thanks! (Meggie said it well, too.)

And not a single second of remorse was had. We woke up around 7:30 this morning and went out for a little run of our own. No bibs, no Garmins, just the four of us and the beach. Perfect. Afterwards, we headed back and took classes at the resort. Canyon Ranch=adult camp, basically. There’s fitness classes all day long. I took a yoga class, which was a bit more athletic than I’d realized. There were lots of deep, deep stretches that hurt like hell and really got into your muscles.

The rest of the weekend was lovely and relaxing.

Friday was spent lounging at the pool, and then going to Joe’s Stone Crab for dinner. We’d all heard a lot about it, and wanted to try it. The crab was delicious, but the prices seemed a little incongruous with the decor and ambiance (which seemed like it would be more suitable for Disney World.)


Saturday, Gia had a meeting downtown so I tagged along, eager to do at least a little exploring of Miami, knowing that we’d be spending most of the rest of the afternoon at the expo and the pool. Her meeting was at Panther Coffee, which I heard great things about. I didn’t stop in, so that I wasn’t the total sketchball crashing her meeting.

Photo 4

I walked around the Wynwood area for a bit, ducking in and out of shops, and just taking some time to meander and take in the water. It was such a nice, recharging solo morning.

We went to the expo, which was PACKED. We did our best to get in and out so we could get back to the resort for more pool + class time.

The four of us all have a lot of big things going in our lives, and we decided at dinner that we just needed some time to chill and not push ourselves to get up early and run a race none of us wanted to run…so we didn’t.

You might think that we then decided to go out and have a wild night in South Beach…but we’re old. We drank some wine and were in bed by 10, and it was amazing. (Yes, we are caricatures of all of those Buzzfeed articles about people in their 30s.)

And now I return to NYC, where it’s hopefully going to be a bit warmer this week. Even if it isn’t, I had a nice little break getting away from the cold.

Have you ever totally just bailed on a race like this? Did it feel this great?