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How ‘Bout Them Cockles?

Yesterday, after the Social Media for Nonprofits conference, I still had to run. I’ve been waking up early (by some miracle) since getting laid off, but I haven’t had to be anywhere super-early, so getting in an early run because I needed to just wasn’t happening yesterday.

So in between the conference (recap later) and dinnertime, I needed to work in a little run. I told my coach that repeating the 6-7 milers twice a week was getting a little soul-crushing, so I’m now doing one 6-miler, 1 day of speedwork and 1 short run day, in addition to my long run. I’ve always run three days a week, so I’m just hoping not to get injured. (I think I’ll be okay.)

Yesterday’s run was a three-miler. YES! A short run was just what I needed to feel pumped up again.

Screen shot 2011-08-05 at 10.38.44 AM.png

Oops. I ran fast.

photo 1.JPG

It was too pretty a day not to, and I was feeling too good not to, so I did. I run because I can.

I had plans to go to Ashley’s for dinner, and Bo had asked me to pick up some clam juice.

photo 2.JPG

I underestimated my route, so I stopped at 2.8 miles, walked into the grocery store, grabbed clam juice and ran .2 miles home with the clam juice in hand. I don’t know how I didn’t drop it, but I didn’t.

I took the quickest shower of my life, and headed to Ashley and Bo’s for dinner and to work on our HLS presentation. We’re going to be talking about, with Cynthia, how to use the Internetz to make friends.


Bo made us a nice little salad.


And some delicious linguine with clam sauce, since they were both going on their long runs today. I loved the parsley and the red pepper flakes, even if Bo was a wee bit heavy-handed on the red pepper 😉

How have you used the Internet to make friends? Leave a comment, and we might include it in our presentation.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Today is my dad’s birthday, so I headed home last night to celebrate with him.

But not before having lunch with one of my favorite people in the world, Emily. We’ve only known each other for a little over a year, but she already feels like family, and I’m really lucky to have a friend like her in my life. I <3 the Internet.


We grabbed sandwiches and took them up to my roof. I got (my usual) turkey, avocado and pesto on multigrain with lettuce and tomato.

I had to get my dad a birthday present, so I took a walk with her. I wanted to buy him something for his camera. B&H, in my ‘hood, is closed on Saturdays because its owners are Orthodox Jews who observe the Sabbath. I found Adorama, in Chelsea, and didn’t even think to check the hours because surely they weren’t both owned by Orthodox Jews observing the Sabbath. So, of course, I walked down there and they were closed. (FYI, I checked out their site when I was linking to it, and their overstock section has lots of great deals on cameras.) My mom and I ended up stopping at a camera store on the way home, and I got him this bag.


Slightly more stylish than his current camera bag, but still manly and functional.

When I saw Emily earlier in the day, she asked if my parents and I were going to our favorite Italian restaurant. Yes. She asked if I was going to split my favorite appetizer with my dad.


Also yes. It’s mozzarella en carozza, Italian for “mozzarella in a carriage.” In English, that’s a mozzarella sandwich fried and breaded. Or you can just call it awesome. That’s what I do. There is not one healthy thing about it, but it is amazing. I used to kill one of these appetizers on my own; now I just have one of the wedges.


They brought us out salad. Nothing special at all about this salad.


On the menu, the penne primavera with chicken looked the most appetizing to me. I wasn’t particularly craving white pasta, so I got it with whole wheat fusilli. I was pleased to see, for my gluten-free friends, that the restaurant now has gluten-free pasta. I’m pretty sure that the whole wheat pasta was new, too.


It’s not a birthday without cake, obviously. I was proud of my mom for finally just getting a small cake.

I’m lucky to have a supportive family nearby during this rough time, so I’m skipping the polo match I was going to attend to chill with my family today.