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Not Fooling Myself

After 29 years, you’d think I’d know myself.

But yet, I go to the grocery store and convince myself that if I fill my cart with nothing but healthy stuff, I’ll be the healthiest person in the world.

I convince myself I’m going to become a morning exerciser.

It’s like I don’t know myself.

But yesterday, I had plans to come out to NJ for Easter with my friend Lacey.

I have a hard time motivating myself to exercise when I’m at my parents’ house and in full-on relaxation mode (um, as full-on as a semi-neurotic New Yorker can really get). Add in a friend who’s not a runner?

Yeah, no way in hell was I going to get my run in today.

Yet I laid in bed for a good portion of yesterday morning, reasoning with myself how I could, indeed, get up before everyone else today and run.


Finally, I realized that there was actually no way in hell I would do that, and so I went out for my last 8-miler before the More/Fitness Half next week.

[Speaking of the More Half: apparently they just opened some more entries! Use this link and the code HALFMOREFIT12. Props to Michele for this info.]

So, I putzed around until around 10:30, even though I had brunch plans at 12.

I had two choices: go to brunch sweaty or not run. Sweaty it was.

I ran down to Battery Park and back, and it was a gorgeous day.

photo 1

I used to live in the Financial District when I started running, and running down there brings back all my happy memories of being a new runner and being so excited by every new running milestone.

photo 2

Brunch wasn’t nearly all the way back to my apartment, so I had to so some creative running to get in the rest of my 8 miles. I ended up running around the High Line, elbowing dodging tourists, to finish at Rocking Horse Café, where I was meeting Emily.


photo 3


I’m pretty sure I had sweet dreams of this breakfast burrito last night.

Whole wheat tortilla, eggs, avocado, hanger steak and panela cheese. And amazingness. I basically just ordered this as a vehicle to get some avocado into my mouth. $14.95 with a cocktail? And done. This was an awesome way to get in some carbs and protein immediately post-run.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there are some Jelly Bellys calling my name.

What have you finally admitted when you stopped fooling yourself?

Bondi Road!

This has been a great weekend already, and exactly what I needed. I’ve had time to relax and recharge and also see some old friends.

Today, I met up with one of my closest friends from college, Shelley. She ended up transferring to NYU from AU, and I didn’t meet her until the semester before she transferred, but we immediately bonded. When I moved to NYC, I was excited we’d be living in the same city again, but she moved to LA (where she’s from) last summer. 

Sometimes you see an old friend and you smile and make polite conversation, but you know something’s changed in the dynamic. And then sometimes it feels like nothing’s ever changed. Shelley and I gabbed for hours, until I eventually had to leave to get my hair did.

We ate at Bondi Road, which my coworker Jessie suggested. With an $18 bottomless mimosa brunch, how can you go wrong? Shelley and I both liked the idea of the salmon benedict, but aren’t crazy about poached eggs, so we asked if we could have our eggs scrambled instead. Brilliant idea.

The restaurant had a super chill vibe, and I definitely want to return when I have more time to take advantage of the bottomless mimosa.

And I got my hair did.