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Do the Rockaway

I’m more than okay with blogging through the rough times, but yesterday was just one of those days I had absolutely nothing to say and was just in a crap mood. Any words I would have put out here would have been incredibly whiny.

I even scrapped a workout. I was supposed to run 6 miles, and I. just. couldn’t. Sometimes I wish I could be like Ali or Emily and just be totally and completely addicted to working out, but I’m not. I’m a former overweight girl who loves to run and loves how exercise makes me feel, but who still needs to drag myself to the gym kicking and screaming sometimes. I started out for the 6-miler, got a half-mile in and said “Nope. Screw this. Not happening.” I had a headache, I was still really sore from my tri, and I was just in a crappy mood. Yeah, I might have felt better by the end, but sometimes ditching a workout feels good, too.

I’m really excited for the NYC Marathon but already feeling a little burnt out by the training…

Luckily, I woke up this morning ready to run. After running in Central Park last week, I realized it’s really not that far from me–no more than 1.2 miles, depending on my Garmin’s mood.


So I ran up to Columbus Circle and around the loop for a bit before crossing on the 72nd Transverse and heading back west.  


Not before finding this pretty covered bridge as I exited! The haze does it no justice.


As I came back to Columbus Circle, I noticed this display that was apparently a part of Bounty’s Teacher Wish List campaign. According to research, teachers spend an average of $462 out of their own pocket on classroom supplies and learning tools, so Bounty’s connecting parents with teachers by allowing teachers to create wishlists for their classrooms and parents to help fulfill them.

I came back from my run, walked Bailey, took the quickest shower ever and ran back out to the subway to meet Emily and Jenny for a beach day! We took the subway to Rockaway Beach on Queens. It was recently written about in the Times, and apparently has become a bit of a hipster haven.

Whatever. It’s a subway-accessible beach.


With good food. There were tacos, Thai food (sorry, wayyy too heavy for the beach), and some typical greasy beach fare.


The tacos seemed like they might be a bit much for my stomach, so I went with the chicken fingers, or chicken boat, as it was called. I don’t know if I was dehydrated, or if they were really just that salty.


Gratuitous beach shots.




While playing in the water, a beach a mere subway ride away and a fun day with friends were all awesome…


…it was drinking coconut water out of a “fresh” coconut that took the cake. (I don’t doubt they were fresh, I just wonder they came from.)