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The Number Game

Yesterday, as I set the stopwatch on my iPhone to time how long it took me to get ready (20 minutes for showering/teeth brushing, etc; 40 minutes to get dressed, do my hair and put on makeup), I realized how much numbers have snuck into my life in the past few years. And despite being a journalism major–which means as few math classes as possible!–I’ve become addicted to them.

How fast can I get ready in the morning?
How fast can I walk to work? 18 minutes yesterday, 16 today–I totally PRed.

How fast can I run a mile? <— I actually have no idea because I usually run at least 3

How fast can I run 26.2?


How much can I grow my blog?

How much am I spending?

When I was losing weight–how much was I losing?

I’m not sure if the decision to lose weight influenced getting my life together in other ways (or this random love for numbers), or if I’m just a foot soldier in the whole quantified self movement, but it’s interesting to think about.

What sort of things do you track?