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How About Dem Boulders?

A few weeks ago, Heather wrote a great post about happiness and about trying to be happy everyday, not just when everything is going great! And life is all exclamation points!

So, in the spirit of that, here’s a few of the little things that are making me happy right now:


Having sushi with my Junior League co-chair, Shannon, while finishing up some end-of-the-year stuff.


A smoothie after a tough 30/60/90 class this morning

photo 1.JPG

Walking around parts of the city I don’t walk around all the time. This is in the West Village walking from an interview to 30/60/90 this morning.

I’m also happy:

  • that I’ve already had three interviews and have a fourth next week
  • that I have such supportive friends (that includes you, blog readers!) and family
  • that Kendyl and I had an awesome sweat sesh yesterday and she gave me an awesome pep talk (I’m also happy she’s back in NYC!)
  • to catch up with a (now former) coworker at an event tonight
  • that I have functioning A/C
  • to see friends coming into town for the Mini 10K this weekend (and also to see friends here running it)
  • that I have a cute little canine friend
  • this awesome post a legal recruiter wrote about my positive attitude towards being laid off


But what I’m most excited for is this conference in two weeks that I won a ticket to from the amazing Ryan at No More Bacon. I went to Colorado almost every year growing up to ski, but I’ve never been there in the summer, and a nice long weekend of play-outside time should be awesome.

What are you happy for today and what’s your favorite play-outside activity?