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Happy New Year’s 2013!


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my New Year’s kiss, Shrek. If you tapped on the glass and puckered your lips, he swam over to you and made kissy faces. We’re going to try for a long-distance romance, I think.


Ashley‘s trying to make moves on my man.


The whole group!


We went to a waterfront restaurant called The Galleon for dinner.


OMG, vegetables. I haven’t had many of them this week…


I had salmon over lentils and Brussels for my entree.



And plenty of champagne, of course!


And hats and noisemakers.

It was actually a fairly low-key New Year’s. We stayed at the restaurant until after midnight and then came back to the house to hang out until the wee hours of the morning chatting and drinking more champagne by the pool.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! What’d you do for NYE? Are you team NYE or team get-me-the-hell-away? I’m not usually super-crazy about NYE amateur hour, so I have loved this idea of being away for NYE and doing something low-key.

Also…2013? When did that happen? Will my flying car be waiting for me at JFK tomorrow?