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Fish Tacos and Friends

Today I met someone I’ve been following on Tumblr for a long time: Valerie!


I can’t remember exactly how we started following each other (or when I started with such a severe side part), but we quickly realized how much we had in common: former reporters, [something I won’t blog about], trying to lose weight, being awesome. We became fast gchat buddies, and talk probably almost every workday.

Yet I had never met her in person! She’s up in NYC this week in between jobs, and we finally met for lunch today at Eatery.


They brought us out some sort of rice chips with sesame seeds (although I read so many health blogs, I was convinced they were chia seeds)…and sugar…that were pretty good. (The sugar is kind of random, right?)



I ordered fish tacos, which were tasty and didn’t bother my stomach, which is about all I need in food these days.