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GPOYW: Before pics edition! If there was ever a post I might later take down, it’s this one.

*Update: Yes, I’m trying to tone up my abs and get in a little better shape and run a little faster. I know I’ve come a long way, baby. Both that Theodora and this Theodora are proud of how strong my is and what it can do. I’m also happier and more confident now that I’ve lost weight. 

I really do believe in Caitlin’s Stopping Fat Talk and the rest of her Operation Beautiful message, so I don’t want to send the message that I think I’m fat or anything. The omg-I-can’t-believe-I-just-posted-this is just the vulnerability of exposing more of my body than I’ve ever exposed on here. (And ever will again until I post the afters from Theodora 2.5.)

Oh, and dinner was sushi. No pics, cause, honestly, I order the same thing every time!

Theodora 2.5?

Theodora 1.0 was the overweight, unhappy girl that lived in DC. Theodora 1.5 was the overweight-but-otherwise-happy girl who was chasing her dreams in NYC. Theodora 2.0 is the in-awesome-shape-exuberantly-happy girl with a little fat left on her stomach. Theodora 2.5 is going be KICK ASS. I’m trying to tone up a little bit more all over.

I started working out with Joel again this morning! He redid all of my measurements, so I know where I’m starting off from, and he also pinched me with these fat calipers. 

The workout from what I can remember:

  • alternating lunges
  • one-arm rows
  • chest presses
  • seated squats

There was more, but I don’t remember it all. I also did the longest eight minutes of my life on the treadmill. They were INCREDIBLY high-intensity intervals—by the end, I thought I was going to pass out or throw up. We started off with two minutes of jogging at 5.5 at an 8.0 incline. For the next six minutes of hell, I ran at 6.5 for twenty seconds and rested for ten seconds. O. M. G. 

He’s going to take the weekend to devise my whole plan based on the assessment he did this morning, and on Wednesday, I’ll have more information for y’all on what it will include and possibly my before photos. He says I’m in great shape now, but that I will look “smoking hot” by the time we’re done..

He had me roll up my shirt for my before photo, and while I definitely sucked in, I was pretty confident. Sure, I’m trying to lose some of the fat on the side of my stomach, but I have an awesome strong body now and I’m proud of how far I’ve come! 

As usual, I’m in desperate need of grocery shopping, so I hit up Dunkin’ Donuts for one of the veggie flatbreads and an iced coffee: