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Coming Up for Air

Lately, I’ve felt a little stretched thin with work, Junior League, training for two half-marathons, blogging, taking care of Bailey, nutrition classes and having a social life all taking up mental real estate as well as real estate in my calendar and on my to-do list.

I used to be AWFUL at time management. I still have a ways to go, but I’ve made some strides to make my life easier. The two biggest things that have been most helpful to me: JUST DO THE DAMN THING–it’s so much easier to get something over with than to just dread it and keep putting it off–and making lists.

I used to HATE lists (I thought I would turn into my mom), but goddamn if keeping a paper to-do list and using Google Tasks haven’t made my life easier. I keep lists in Google Tasks for Home, Work, Junior League and Blog, and yes, I sometimes put things on there just so I can erase them. I even put responding to e-mails on there, since lord knows that that can take up quite a bit of time.


And the literal parting of clouds outside has helped with the proverbial parting of clouds inside my head. THANK GOD FOR SUNSHINE.

Things I’m Loving About Today (inspired by Emily):

  • sunshine
  • a decent meeting at work
  • buying a new eyeliner (Nars Mambo, instead of my usual Nars Manon)
  • making hair and nail appointments for the ball  
  • going to the post office 201103021544.jpg



What about you? Time management expert or still learning, like me? (If you are awesome with time management…how can I be like you? :)) And anything awesome for you today?