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I love my red meat just as much as the next omnivore. I also love my poultry and my fish. But sometimes, I also like things like tofu. (Which I think my Italian and Irish parents still don’t understand. But that’s okay.) In fact, it’s actually pretty healthy for your body to have some days when you don’t have meat. Even Women’s Health (my favorite healthy mag) says so.

Ew, bean curd, you say. Once you get past that, and the strange consistency of raw tofu, you’ll really like it. It has no discernible taste of its own, so you can do with what you like and it will sop up whatever flavoring you add to it. 
My old college roomie, Jen, made me some great tofu “parmigiana” a few weeks ago. I’ll have to get the recipe from her (or she can post it in the comments!), but I think she used planko flakes for the “breading” and I’m assuming maybe eggs to make it stick. Jen and I lived together part of freshman year and all of sophomore year. All of the Chinese and pizza delivery people within a mile radius of American University knew our names. Now we’re eating tofu together! We’ve come a long way, baby! 
I bought some tofu the other day that I want to cook tonight, and I’m looking for a recipe. Some of my loyal readers have asked for recipes, so be sure to watch for some great (EASY – I live alone and make dinner after 8pm when I get home from the gym, so nothing tough here!) healthy recipes.