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A Glam Experience at the U.S. Open

Is it possible to fall in love with an ad network? Because I think I fell in love with mine this weekend.

I switched to Glam last December, and I don’t regret it for a second, because I love how they take care of their bloggers and all the opportunities available through the network.

A few weeks ago, they emailed asking if I’d like to go to the U.S. Open with them.


I was obsessed with tennis growing up, and I’ve gone to the Open every year since I moved back up here in ’08. (Past blog recaps/mentions: 2011; 2010; 2009) I thought I might be too busy to go to weeknight matches because of work, so I JUMPED RIGHT ON IT when Glam emailed me. The U.S. Open is actually also a client of my company’s, but they had literally nothing to do with this.

From lunch…



The master game plan was to start off with lunch/brunch at The Smith and then head to the U.S. Open for the women’s finals, but that tornado last weekend had other plans for us, so we just had an extra-long brunch.


Amex was sponsoring our experience, and they also sponsor New York Fashion Week, so they were able to hook us up with a little trip up to the tents, where we saw a few shows from the Ameircan Express Skybox.

The first show we saw was VLOV–hello sexy male models.


In between, there was a quick Q&A with Mimi Lombardo, the fashoin director at Travel + Leisure magazine. One of her best packing tips was to pack things you’re worried about wrinkling in the dry-cleaning bags. I’ll have to give it a try sometime when I’m traveling somewhere that requires more than my New Balances, Garmin and some running clothes.



Next up was Monique Lhuillier. I won’t even pretend to be a fashion blogger, so let’s just say that her line was gorgeous–very mermaid-like and ethereal.


The designer herself walking out onstage at the end.


Here’s what le box de sky looked like. See the curtains on the left side? They opened up to look down in the tent when there was a show going on.


While all the other girls were heading out partying, I went home to prep for my 18-miler. (And honestly, I was more than happy to go hop into bed anyway!)

To Flushing…

We met up Sunday afternoon to head out to Flushing to see Serena Williams dominate.


Remember this globe? I ran two very hot races last summer–Queens Half and the NYRR Sprint Tri–which ran around this bad boy.




Before going to check out the match, we went to check out the American Express Fan experience tent, a 20,000-square-foot tent with all kinds of fun stuff.


Like the only indoor court out there, which Andy Murray practiced on one day when it was raining.


And little booths where tennis pros analyzed your swings. I had them analyze my serve, since right before I stopped playing seriously, I remember switching to a Continental grip and never quite mastering it.


This kind fellow said that I tossed the ball too far out in front. Duly noted.


They also showed us this cool interactive touchscreen powered by an IBM supercomputer that is completely data-driven and shows you all sorts of different info when you touch it, such as when the next train is coming, what speed the ball’s being served, at, etc. Really cool!


These are some of the lovely ladies (+man) I hung with all weekend: Victoria, Katie, Lauren, Jor-El and Hallie.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Hallie insisted I take outfit photos, so let me play style blogger for a second:

Dress: Nanette Lepore on super super sale (Thanks to Amex for providing a gift card for a little pre-U.S. Open shopping! )

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Watch: Michael Kors


WOO! Let the games begin.



The Billie Jean King tennis center is huge, and there are quite a few courts. Earlier in the tournament, there are matches played on each of the courts. It’s fun, sometimes, to go watch the matches with the less-famous players–and those tickets are usually really cheap, too.


Carnage of our meal.


Oh, these Honey Dueces (their signature cocktail) weren’t bad either.

As far as the actual match, Serena Williams played Victoria Azarenka, who’s number one in the world right now.


The first set, Serena beat Victoria handily (6-2); the second set, you could tell Victoria was pissed, and she won 6-2; the last set, they were both fighting tooth and nail for the match, but Serena ultimately prevailed, winning 7-5. I was bored during the first set, but this match really heated up. When she won, Serena (maybe a little overdramatically?) laid down on the court and then got up and started jumping up and down–you could tell she was crying and was filled with emotion.

It was such a fun match to watch and such a fun weekend to spend with some fun bloggers–and I have to thank Nola and Bianca for helping us have such a fun weekend!

What’s your favorite sport to watch? Any sport you played growing up you wish you still played?

A Sports Post That is Not About Running

Last night as I was lying in bed, I got a text that excited me.

Unfortunately, it was not from some hot man.

But, next best thing? It was from Laurel asking if I wanted to go to the U.S. Open today. Um, yes???

Don’t tell running, but tennis was my first love. [Pun not intended.]

Growing up, I tried almost every sport and activity I could–cheerleading, karate, softball. Most of them, I didn’t stick with very long. The two exceptions were gymnastics and tennis. I did gymnastics from the age of 5 to the age of 15. I was a perfectly average-sized kid until college, so I wasn’t outstanding at gymnastics–nor was I terrible. (Another post for another day, maybe.)

But the sport I really gravitated to was tennis. I started playing when I was ten years old and became even more addicted to it than I am to running today, going to tennis camps and playing all day every single day over the summer in hopes of making the high school team. I narrowly missed making it freshman year (but was told by the coach that at any other school, I definitely would have been on varsity–thanks?), made the team sophomore year, only to narrowly miss making it again my junior year. Disappointed and dejected, I cut back on tennis dramatically.

I still love it, but it’s certainly easier to just lace up my running sneakers and head out solo than it is to find someone to play with and somewhere to play. [With that said, if you live in NY and want to play, let me know!!!!]

So this morning I ran over to the Frying Pan to meet Laurel to pick up my ticket, and we ran together and chatted for a bit before I turned around.

photo (30).JPG

Side note: in the nearly three years that I’ve known Laurel, we’ve never run together. I always thought she was too fast and I would die trying to keep up. Maybe she slowed down for me this morning, maybe (okay, definitely :)) I’ve sped up, but I did not die running with her this morning. Small victories.


I hopped a train (pro tip: LIRR > subway — it’s only two stops from Penn Station) and was out there in 15 minutes.


Mmm, fiber.


Stonyfield is one of the sponsors, and I saw this fro-yo cart and just had to take a picture for y’all. (I really wish I had tried some.)


I had grounds passes, not Arthur Ashe Stadium tickets, so I couldn’t see the main matches, but I could see everything else. I stuck to this stadium because it had the best matches.




The first match I saw was David Ferrer (who is almost as hot as Roger Federer) v. Igor Andreev. Ferrer started off from behind and came back to beat Andreev’s ass pretty handily, which was fun to watch.


Even though it was hot and I had a little bit of a headache from not having enough water, just walking into this stadium relaxed me and loosened some of the knots in my neck from all this job stress. Watching and playing tennis really is my happy place.


Remember that globe? I ran around it at the Queens Half and the sprint tri.


I’m not going to lie–halfway through the match, I was RUN-GRY. I saw this little Stonyfield cafe and figured I could get something decently healthy.


I ended up going with a chicken, tomato, mozzarella and basil sandwich. Good enough.


I went back and watched part of a women’s singles match. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the ladies, but men’s tennis is more fun to watch–they’re louder and faster. (TWSS?)


I had some stuff to catch up on back home, so I left halfway through the match and…came back home and caught up on it. (I did take the 7 train home, but that’s not why that picture is there. I just liked it.)

Does anyone want to go with me (or take me?) to see some more tennis before the Open’s over? What is your favorite sport to watch or play? (Besides running. We talk about running enough here.)