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Last night I headed back to Chinatown and my friend Cassie’s couch after my conference. I still had some work to do when I got back so we just headed out for a quick sushi dinner at Sei, a sushi place that opened after I left DC.

Before I hopped on the train Friday night, I told myself that I’d allow myself a few indulgences while down here. Morgan and I had orginally been planning on going to Buzz, an OMG-so-delicious little bakery/coffeeshop in Alexandria. So I had psyched myself up for a cupcake and after a long day at the conference yesterday decided I was entitled to said cupcake. Cassie and I went to Red Velvet, a new cupcakerie in Penn Quarter. Maybe I was just really overtired, but the cupcake and sushi were both meh. I only even ended up eating half of the cupcake and throwing it out!

It’s totally okay to hate me…

My mom wants to get me a gift…in a little blue box (!) because she’s super-proud of my weight-loss.

What should I get?? 🙂

Update: mostly for Eileen’s sake. IN A LITTLE BLUE BOX. As in…Tiffany’s. There is a lot you can get there, but I am unsure if two tickets to Irish paradise are available there.