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We’re only given as much as we can handle.

That’s what I need to keep reminding myself.

This potential celiac diagnosis seems like more than I can handle. I’m already resigned to no “normal” bread, pasta, etc. That’s the easy part. It’s asking *every* single time I go out to eat what’s in things and assuming that dishes are guilty until proven innocent that they don’t have gluten in them. It seems really, really hard. But if I do have this, I can deal, just like others who have this disease have to deal. And there’s definitely worse diseases out there; I know this, but this one doesn’t seem so fun either. (Yes, I’ll feel better. Yes, I’ll try new foods. But still…)

It won’t be easy. I love going out to eat, and I love trying new food. I just love food—usually good, healthy food, but sometimes not-so-healthy food, too. I love choice. This will be a big adjustment.

The marathon seems like more than I can handle. Because I haven’t been feeling well, I’ve missed a few of my during-the-week workouts for the past few weeks. So I have 20 miles on the schedule tomorrow, and I’m terrified of it. But I think I’ve done enough of my workouts that I’m ready for it. I hope. If I can’t handle all 20, I can always cut it short—but I hope to not have to.

For dinner, I made a turkey burger (and realized afterwards it had breadcrumbs in it…FAIL…), some brown rice and spinach sauteed in coconut butter, and I covered it all in a bit of spaghetti sauce.