On getting distracted.

I did, this weekend.

I went to D.C. to see some old friends and fell back into some old habits. I had more wine than I’ve had in the past few weeks. I had tacos (mmmm). I had cheese. And no, they weren’t really worth it.

I did, however, bring some of my new habits to D.C. I ordered salads with most meals, or I ordered vegetables. I drank lots of water with the wine. I EVEN DID THE STAIRMASTER SATURDAY. Sunday, I slept in and just couldn’t do it. But I’m trying to get back on track, and I’m proud I didn’t get that off-track.

But, for some reason, going to the gym has been just that much harder this week. Good thing I have my trainer tomorrow. And good thing I took a kickboxing class tonight, just to mix things up.

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