What keeps me going?


I went to my folks’ house in NJ this weekend for a baby shower yesterday and a golf lesson with my dad today. I hadn’t been feeling so hot at the end of last week — I don’t know if my stomach got totally overwhelmed from all the veggies/fiber I’ve added to my diet or what, but I was glad to catch up on some sleep and lay low in the big NJ. I might also add I managed to make it to NYSC (in NJ) yesterday and go swimming this morning at the gym!

I’m lucky that my parents have a lovely-sized house and that my closet there is roughly half the size of my apartment. Which means I can keep the clothes that don’t always fit there and not have to further overstuff my closet. Preparing to return to NYC this afternoon, I decided to visit the land of jeans-that-used-to-fit in my closet. Aside from a rogue pair of Sevens, I can now fit into quite a few pairs of jeans that didn’t fit just a month or so ago. Including the Citizens for Humanity ones I’m wearing right now (not pictured; my ass doesn’t look that good yet!)

Sure, I had to do the squat-and-wiggle to get into them, but I’m in them and I’ve even worn them all day. And I can still breathe! My trainer promises I can see the return of other clothes that didn’t fit soon.

He also promises a free session if I can lose more than two pounds this week. Whaddya think?

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