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Too Many Days of Rest

I have a confession to make: I haven’t actually worked out since Sunday. Monday, I got busy and was going to take that as a rest day, and then I felt sick Tuesday and Wednesday. After not working out for three days in a row, I just didn’t make it a priority yesterday, and it didn’t happen.

I have another confession: any time I use the phrase “day of rest,” I get this Rascal Flatts song stuck in my head.

I woke up this morning feeling like a sloth and wondering how I used to go weeks without working out.


So I laid in bed as long as possible and when I finally hopped out, I changed immediately into my running clothes, went downstairs and told my parents I was leaving.

It wasn’t my best run by far. The first mile felt good, and falling into a groove so quickly, I thought the rest of the run would be great, but the second mile felt kind of rough. I felt good again until about mile 3, when I saw my friend Sara’s mom, stopped to chat for a second, and my stomach immediately started hurting from then until I walked home. But I got 4 miles in and was glad for that.

Since I’m starting a new job on Monday, right at the beginning of the holiday season, it’d be really easy to make excuses for why I don’t have time to work out. But exercise keeps me healthy, sane and will also keep me from gaining back weight during this season of indulgence, so I need to make it a priority.


I’m definitely going to start sharing more about my workouts between now and New Year’s. I haven’t decided what form that will take yet: Jess’ Say It, Do It, the Runner’s World Run Streak, and/or just blogging about my workouts daily.

Do you work out when you’re sick? How do you keep from being a sloth over the holidays?

For the Dogs

Today was for the dogs.

[pausing to groan at my own terrible joke.]

I went to a yoga class this morning–it was not as stretchy as I remember it being the last time, and I was so tight that I fell multiple times. Keeping it classy, always.

I came back, picked up Bailey and headed over to the dog park for the costume parade.

Screen shot 2011-10-09 at 7.09.49 PM.png

(I just found this in my Flickr account–from the last time I took Bailey to a costume parade, three years ago in Tompkins Square Park.)


Oh hey guys.


BAILEY! There are other dogs here.

He doesn’t care. He just likes chilling and watching. We hung out and watched all the cute dogs while waiting for Emily. I swear, it’s impossible to leave a dog park without smiling. Seriously. Try it some time.


Eventually we walked over (oh, about 10 feet) to the parade.


Me and my little birthday duck!!! And a human taco.


Slightly better picture of his costume.


This little one was cute but apparently sort of nasty.


This one is just cute and sweet. And he quacks.


Canine taco.


There were around 80 dogs in the parade, and they had us line up to walk across the red carpet. It was really hot out there, and we kept running into the shade to try to cool off.




There were a bunch of different categories–best in show, most obedient, best dressed, looks most like owner.

Emily’s dog Hampton won most obedient!! Good job, little guy.


He won a pretty sick little prize pack, including this Stud bowl. Because obviously he’s a stud.


Afterwards, we walked approximately another 50 feet to P.D. O’Hurley’s for a snack (and a beer, obviously).

Not the best food, but sitting outside with friends and dogs? Don’t really care how good the food is. Today was a randomly awesome Sunday, minus the steamy temperatures. Happy birthday again little guy!