Too Many Days of Rest

I have a confession to make: I haven’t actually worked out since Sunday. Monday, I got busy and was going to take that as a rest day, and then I felt sick Tuesday and Wednesday. After not working out for three days in a row, I just didn’t make it a priority yesterday, and it didn’t happen.

I have another confession: any time I use the phrase “day of rest,” I get this Rascal Flatts song stuck in my head.

I woke up this morning feeling like a sloth and wondering how I used to go weeks without working out.


So I laid in bed as long as possible and when I finally hopped out, I changed immediately into my running clothes, went downstairs and told my parents I was leaving.

It wasn’t my best run by far. The first mile felt good, and falling into a groove so quickly, I thought the rest of the run would be great, but the second mile felt kind of rough. I felt good again until about mile 3, when I saw my friend Sara’s mom, stopped to chat for a second, and my stomach immediately started hurting from then until I walked home. But I got 4 miles in and was glad for that.

Since I’m starting a new job on Monday, right at the beginning of the holiday season, it’d be really easy to make excuses for why I don’t have time to work out. But exercise keeps me healthy, sane and will also keep me from gaining back weight during this season of indulgence, so I need to make it a priority.


I’m definitely going to start sharing more about my workouts between now and New Year’s. I haven’t decided what form that will take yet: Jess’ Say It, Do It, the Runner’s World Run Streak, and/or just blogging about my workouts daily.

Do you work out when you’re sick? How do you keep from being a sloth over the holidays?

5 comments on “Too Many Days of Rest

  1. Cynthia (It All Changes)

    I workout when sick as long as I can still breathe just not as hard. Usually I do something at home.

    Over the holidays I love hiking with family. The hills are like the stair master for my bum and I’m feeling it today. Also funny video games to challenge family members make me work harder and get a great workout in.

  2. Stacy C.

    I love reading your blog. Thanks so much for the link to the run streak log!!! I started running in March with an eye to doing a half marathon in early 2012. This log is exactly what I needed to keep me going through the hectic weeks ahead. Happy holiday season to you!

  3. Kristina

    It definitely depends on what sort of “sick” it is. With a cold, I usually take 1-2 days off, but then it does clear me out to do something physical.
    I don’t, however, feel all that guilty when life is crazy busy if I go a few days without working out (I may hit 3 days in a row here, but who is counting?!). I try to balance the “will it make me sane” or the “will it make me crazy”. If it’s the former, then I try to get some form of a workout into the day. If it’s the latter (like today), then I give myself a time-out, but in a good way.


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