Quick update!

It’s absolutely gorgeous here in NYC! So last night I met up with a friend of mine from Junior League at Ulysses, which is on the awesome Stone Street (looks totally European.) I may or may not have drank my dinner. But I made good drinking choices (as good as possible) and stuck with vodka sodas. I can’t believe I ever drank tonic now – it’s so sugary!

I also struck up conversation with a lovely man. However, that’s all on that subject! I’m glad, however, that I finally have the confidence back to flirt my head off! I think some of that fat was covering up my inner flirt. šŸ˜‰

This morning, I woke up and guzzled some water and headed to spin class! Again, as I drank my dinner last night, it was effing hard! Good news is that I sweat out all that Goose.

Day in food so far: Luna bar, Starbucks iced coffee!

This afternoon, Eileen (my good friend from high school who’s about to have her second ACL surgery in the past year šŸ™ ) is coming over for a picnic on my roof. Pics definitely to follow! I bought some fruits and veggies to enjoy up there.

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