After spending a day at various doctors’ appointments (checkups, don’t worry!), I wanted some home cooking. (That and I was supposed to go to a horse race in NJ tomorrow before the Great Nor’Easter o’09 struck.) Anyway. So my mom asked what I wanted for dinner. “Scallops, sweet potatoes and kale, please,” I said, and she went off to the Market Basket.

“Theodora, where do you get this stuff?????” she asked when she came back.

“Uh, Whole Foods or at the grocery store?” I answered with trepidation.

“Theodora, you will not believe what I had to go through to get this.” At this point, my dad walks in from work and asks who the alien that replaced his daughter is.

So apparently my mom asked a little grocery store man who didn’t speak great English, and he told her it was near the “feeeesh.” She apparently pointed at the spinach and said “no, it’s a vegetable, like this.”

“No, feeeesh!”

So, she lets him lead her to the “feesh,” and she asks for the kale. Apparently, and you should know this if you ever go to the Market Basket in search of kale, they really do keep it with the fish, and they use it as decoration. Who knew? Also, this whole ginormous bouquet of kale was $2. My mom handled it was like going to hurt her.

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