My alarm went off this morning at 6:40. I turned it off, rolled over, said, “Damn, guess I have to get up now,” and got up. And it had somehow magically transformed to 7:18. Oops?

Rather than say, “Guess I’m not running today,” I said, “Guess I’m going to be late to work.”  HAHA. I did only 4 miles instead of the 5-6 I’d previously intended to do, and they were pretty lame: My earbuds kept popping out my ears (I’d almost left them at home and wished I had), and I just felt all discombobulated the whole time. Oh well.

The biggest self-reflection I had during this morning’s run, though, was that I MUST get way overheated way faster than most people. Before I left the apt, said it was 38 degrees but felt like 30. I wore capri leggings, a T-shirt, a very lightweight longsleeved shirt, and gloves. I ripped off the longsleeved shirt after about half a mile and realized it has to feel colder than 30 degrees for me to be comfy in something heavier than a T-shirt. Which is nuts.


 This blog post contains multiple reasons why I love Laurel. I am unfalteringly jealous of her ability to be a morning person and routinely bust out an awesome workout in the morning.

 Also, when I told her I was thinking of perhaps not doing the half-marathon on Sunday because there was a nor’easter coming, and I asked what she was up to this weekend, she first told me she was doing nothing and that I should run. I’m still very on the fence about this half-marathon business. Had I been specifically building up for months to this Sunday’s race, obviously, I’d be doing it. But being that I decided like last week that “hey, that 10 miles went well, what’s another 3?” I’m totally okay not doing it. And the entry fee was wee.

We’ll see.

Half-marathon, don’t think you scared me off. Nor’easter in October? Not wanting to get sick? Perhaps.

If that makes me a little less tough, that’s okay too.

But half-marathon, I’m not done with you. I will see you Sunday or I will see you soon. Be afraid. Very afraid.

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