just another manic monday


As I mentioned this morning, I slept through spin due to alarm clock failures. I did good with breakfast (strawberries, JC frosted oats, fresh OJ and a mini babybel light), and good with lunch (turkey taco soup). I sent Nutrionista my new weekly goals around noon, and then it was like a switch turned off. Afternoon snack – Hershey’s milk chocolate bar with Nathaniel. Then a late afternoon snack, 3 mini chocolate cookies leftover from the conference room. Dinner was thin crust cheese pizza and cinnastiks from Dominos, while Janice and Sara helped me pack and organize.

The thing is, I don’t like missing the gym. I feel gross when I eat junk. And I’m stinking fed up with this plateau. Losing half a pound a week is NOT cutting it for me. I’ll be dead by the time I finish if I keep this up.

Here are my goals for this week, and Janice has volunteered to give me a wake up call tomorrow to ensure I make it to STAR. Let’s hope Tuesday goes better than Monday!

Nutrition – Incorporate at least 2 green vegetables and 3 fruits per day. Be conscious of and decrease carb intake.
Fitness – Be flexible with my schedule as I move, but make sure I still workout at least once 5 days this week (I typically work out 6 days, sometimes twice a day)
Weight Loss – Get that 1.6 from last week off! 🙂

Oh god. I have been doing the same thing lately. A rough week or so at work has resulted in +3 on the scale. NOT COOL. While I’d like to believe some of it is water weight, it’s still unacceptable. I am going to start putting LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE THING I EAT on this here blog.

Things I ate last week that probably contributed to weight GAIN:

  • tartuffo
  • veal parm and penne
  • a piece of chocolate cake for a coworker’s last day
  • artichoke with some buttery yummy sauce
  • DUCK (quack)
  • whole wheat pasta
  • cereal [re: the last two: maybe they work for you, not for me…at least not in combination with all these other factors.]
  • some cheese in my fridge from my party that I’ve been picking on.

While tonight’s to-do list includes meeting with Joel about walking Bailey, buying a dress for a work dinner (all my go-to LBDs are too big), mani-pedi, [redacted], and running 2 miles on the treadmill, I will also try to make sure to eat something super-healthy tonight [NO GRAINS, WHOLE, OR OTHERWISE.]

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